MultiMailer Web Forms (subscribe / unsubscribe / change address)

If you want to use web forms to handle subscribe and unsubscribe requests from contacts, but don't have web forms on your web site, you can use the web forms on our web server instead. These web forms co-operate with the MultiMailer program in an automatic way. We have web forms that handle the following:
• Subscribe requests
• Unsubscribe requests
• Change of e-mail address 
Validation of e-mail addresses
The web forms have built-in validation of e-mail addresses so if the user enters an invalid e-mail address he/she will get an error message. This ensures that the quality of the e-mail addresses is high.
Unsubscribe Newsletter web form Change of E-mail Address web form
The form text can be changed and adapted to your needs
The title text, information text and button text in the form can be changed and adapted to your needs. You can also change the background color of the form, and specify which input fields to show on the form.
Input fields can be pre-filled
The e-mail address and name input fields in the form can be pre-filled with a text if such is available. If for example the unsubscribe e-mail address is already known, the form can display the e-mail address automatically and the user only needs to press the submit button to confirm. If the user opens a form from an e-mail newsletter that was sent from MultiMailer, the e-mail address is known, and the form can be opened with this e-mail address pre-filled.
Easy to integrate with your current web site
It is easy to integrate MultiMailer's web forms with your current web site. You can for example use an inline frame tag (the HTML iframe tag) to place the form on your web site, and the web site visitor will think that the form is hosted on your server.
MultiMailer's web forms are available in 7 languages

The web forms on our web server are available in 7 languages. The following languages are supported: English, German, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish.
The web forms are available in 7 languages
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