12 months maintenance plan - for USB AutoRun Creator

When you buy USB AutoRun Creator you have the option to choose whether you want to include an 1 month maintenance plan or a 12 months maintenance plan, for the software. An 1 month maintenance plan is always included in the product price, but for an additional fee you can have a 12 months maintenance plan instead. Below we will explain the differences between the 1 month maintenance plan and the 12 months maintenance plan:
The 1 month maintenance plan includes:
- 1 month technical support for USB AutoRun Creator
- Temporary download link for USB AutoRun Creator (expires after 2 weeks)
The 12 months maintenance plan includes:
- 12 months technical support for USB AutoRun Creator
- A permanent download link to USB AutoRun Creator (for 12 months)
- Free updates of the software (for 12 months)
- We can resend a license key for USB AutoRun Creator without any extra cost, at request
One big benefit when choosing the 12 months maintenance plan is that you can download your software whenever you want, for example if you change computer. You will also have access to the latest product version (with the latest updates), and if you for some reason lose your license key, we will send it to you again without any extra cost.
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