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Tip: Unique text colors for buttons

It is possible to specify a unique color combination to every button in a menu. You can specify a unique text color, border color, background color and tip text color.

Below we will show how to create a menu with three buttons, where one of the buttons, named "Close", has a different text color. To change a color of a button:

  1. Start CD-Menu Creator and click on the Buttons tab
  2. In the Style listbox, choose "Metallic" and choose blue as a Base color
  3. Click on the Buttons (text) tab
  4. Create 3 buttons according to the picture below:

  5. Select the button named "Exit" and click the Edit Button button
  6. Click the Options button and choose the Colors tab
  7. Check the Use individual colors for this button checkbox
  8. Click the Text Color button and chose a red color
  9. Click the Base Color button and chose the same color as in point 2 above
  10. Close the dialog box
  11. Press the Preview button to see how it looks like. The "Exit" button should now have a red text color:

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