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Tip: CD-Menu Creator's command line parameters

CD-Menu Creator's editor (SLCDEDIT.exe) supports some command line parameters. With a command line parameter you can for example open CD-Menu Creator with a specific project file (.CDP file) loaded from start or open CD-Menu Creator in a special (silent) build mode where a menu interface is created without any user interaction. The later is very useful if you want to include CD-Menu Creator in a batch build process; CD-Menu Creator can build a menu interface automatically and with no user interaction.

CD-Menu Creator supports the following command line parameters:

SLCDEDIT.exe <project file> /BUILD /BUILDFOLDER:<folder> /LOG:<log file>

Below are all parameters explained in detail:
<project file> : A complete file path to a project file (.CDP file). If this parameter is specified, CD-Menu Creator will load the project file when it starts. If the file path contains space characters you should enclose the path with quotes, for example: "C:\My Projects\My Menu.cdp".
/BUILD : If this parameter is specified CD-Menu Creator will operate in a special (silent) build mode.
/BUILDFOLDER:<folder> : If you want to build the menu interface in another folder than specified in the CDP file, you can specify the folder path here, for example: /BUILDFOLDER:C:\MyCreatedMenus\Menu1.
/LOG:<log file> : Errors during build mode can be stored in a log file that you specify here.
All folder and file paths that you specify in the command line must be complete, including the drive letter (e.g. "C:\MyProjects\MyMenu.cdp"). The /BUILDFOLDER and /LOG parameters are only supported if you also specify the /BUILD parameter, otherwise these parameters are ignored. All parameter names (switches) must be entered in uppercase (e.g. "/BUILD"). File and folder paths can be entered in any case.
The order of the parameters are also important. They must be entered in the order shown above. For example, the first parameter must be the file path to the project file (.CDP file), the second parameter must be /BUILD, the third parameter must be /BUILDFOLDER etc.

More information about the /BUILD parameter
If you specify the /BUILD parameter in the command line, CD-Menu Creator will be run in a silent build mode. CD-Menu Creator editor's user interface will not be shown and no user interaction is possible. The build mode is very useful if you want to include CD-Menu Creator in batch build processes. When the /BUILD mode parameter is specified, CD-Menu Creator will open the project file, build the menu interface and return automatically when finished.
Errors can be handled by using the /LOG parameter. If an error occurs during the build mode, SLCDEDIT.exe will return the exit code 1 instead of 0 (SLCDEDIT.exe returns always 0 at success), and a detailed error message is written to the log file.
Menu interfaces are normally build (created) in a folder that is specified in the project file; in the Create in this folder text box in the Create dialog box, see the picture below:

But if you want to have your menu built in another folder you can specify it by using the /BUILDFOLDER command line parameter. For example like this: /BUILDFOLDER:C:\MyCreatedMenus\Menu1.

Command Line Examples
Example 1
SLCDEDIT.exe C:\MyProjects\MyMenu.cdp

This is the simplest way to use a command line parameter with CD-Menu Creator. If you specify a path to a project file (.CDP file), the project will be opened automatically when CD-Menu Creator starts.
Example 2
SLCDEDIT.exe C:\MyProjects\MyMenu.cdp /BUILD

If you specify the /BUILD parameter together with a path to a project file, the project file will be opened and a menu interface created automatically. When the build process is finished, CD-Menu Creator will be closed automatically. No user interface is shown, everything is done invisible.
Example 3
SLCDEDIT.exe C:\MyProjects\MyMenu.cdp /BUILD /BUILDFOLDER:C:\MyCreatedMenus\Menu1

If you also specify the /BUILDFOLDER switch together with a folder path, you can have your menu interface built (created) in another folder than the creation folder specified in the project file.
Example 4
SLCDEDIT.exe C:\MyProjects\MyMenu.cdp /BUILD /BUILDFOLDER:C:\MyCreatedMenus\Menu1

When the /BUILD parameter is specified no visual user interface is shown. To discover errors you can specify a path to a log file together with the /LOG switch. If any error occurs during the build process, an error message will be written to the log file. SLCDEDIT.exe will also return the exit code 1 if an error occurs. If the build was successful SLCDEDIT.exe will return 0.
Where is SLCDEDIT.exe located?
SLCDEDIT.exe is the filename of CD-Menu Creator's editor. SLCDEDIT.exe is installed to the following folder on your system drive: \Program Files\SamLogic\CD-Menu Creator. The drive letter is usually C:.

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