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Tip: How to create button groups with titles

In CD-Menu Creator it is possible to place menu buttons in button groups and give each group a unique title. The tip below shows how to do this:

  1. Start CD-Menu Creator and create a new project.
  2. Click on the Buttons (text) tab.
  3. Add a few buttons.
  4. In the list with buttons, select the row where you want to have a title inserted.
  5. Right-click over the selection and choose the Insert Title menu option in the local menu that is opened.

  6. The Insert Title dialog box is now opened; enter a title at the Title text box.

  7. Choose a font and font size by clicking on the Font button.
  8. Choose a color by clicking on the Color button.
  9. Now click OK to close the dialog box.
  10. If you want more titles, repeat step 4-9 again.
  11. Now click the Preview button in the editor to preview the menu.
  12. If you need to adjust any title (for example change font size), you can select it in the button list, right-click, and choose the Edit Title menu item.

    Note that the contents of the local menu will be different depending of if a button or a title is selected in the button list.

The picture below shows an example of how the final result may look like:

In the example above there are two groups of buttons with a unique title at each group. The titles can have a different font, font size and color than the buttons. In this blog post you can find more examples of menu interfaces with button groups.

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