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Tip: How you use CD-Menu Creator menu examples as templates for your own menus

With SamLogic CD-Menu Creator comes more than 20 professionally designed menu interface examples. Primarily they are included to show what can be done with the program, but they can also be used as templates when you create your own menus. By replacing text, images and the number of buttons you can quickly get a menu with a certain style.
On the page Autorun Menu Examples on our site you can see some examples of menu interfaces that come with CD-Menu Creator. You can also watch this video that shows you some of the examples that follows CD-Menu Creator.

The tip below shows you where you can find the menu examples and how you can save one of them as a templates:

1. Start SamLogic CD-Menu Creator.
2. Select the menu item Help - Open Example Project.
3. Select the menu you want to use, and click OK.
4. Select the menu item File - Save Project As and enter a name for your new menu.
5. Save the menu in the folder "My Documents\CD-Menu Creator\My Projects".

You can now modify the menu and adapt it for your own needs.
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