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Tip: How to create a Windows 8 (Metro) style menu interface via the template gallery

There is now a gallery with basic menu templates available in CD-Menu Creator. By using the template gallery in CD-Menu Creator you can in an easy way choose a basic design style for your menu interface, that you thereafter personalize and adapt for your needs. This will make creation of menu interfaces faster and simpler. The picture below shows how the template gallery in CD-Menu Creator looks like:

The template gallery in CD-Menu Creator

When you choose a basic template, some sample buttons and a sample picture will also be added to the menu interface. You can personalize the buttons and the menu picture in an easy way to adapt them to your design style.

Windows 8 (Metro) style menu interface
One template that is available in the template gallery is the Windows 8 Style template. This creates a menu interface that is similiar to the user interface in Windows 8 (former Metro-Style interface). In the tip below we will show how to use the template gallery to create a menu interface with a Windows 8 style.

To create a Windows 8 style menu interface via the template gallery:

1. Start CD-Menu Creator

2. If the Choose Project dialog box appears, click on the New Project via Template link
    (you can also choose the New Project - New Project Via Template menu item in the File menu)

3. In the dialog box that appears, choose if you want to create a project for a CD/DVD, or for a USB flash drive

The 'Choose Type of Project' dialog box

4. Press Continue to continue

5. In the template gallery (the Choose Basic Design Style For Menu dialog box), select Windows 8 Style

The 'Windows 8 Style' option

6. Click on the Choose Style button

7. To preview the result, click on the Preview button in the CD-Menu Creator editor

8. Create a menu by clicking on the Create button

In the example above images are used as clickable areas, but you can also combine images with text if you want to clarify the function for every clickable area. When a user moves the mouse pointer over a clickable area, the function for this area is described with text (as a tip text) in the bottom of the menu window.

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