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SLTwitCtrl ActiveX Control for Twitter - Error codes

In the table below you find a list of possible error codes that the TwitGetLastError method in SLTwitCtrl ActiveX control for Twitter can return. If the error code is larger than 1000, Twitter API returned the error and you can call the TwitGetLastResponse method to get more information about the error.

Value Short description Long description
101 Bad parameter The parameter or property is a null pointer, or contains another fatal error. The value can not be read from the parameter or property.
102 Data missing Necessary information, for example the consumer key or consumer secret, is missing. Some important properties are empty.
103 Data too long The contents of some properties are too long. Too many characters are used.
104 The tweet is to short The twitter message (tweet) contains 0 characters. Nothing can be sent. A tweet must contain at least 1 character.
105 The tweet is to long The twitter message (tweet) is too long. It can not be send. Max 140 characters are allowed in a tweet. If a tweet contains a URL, you can use the TwitShortenURLInMessage method to shorten the URL in the message.
1001 Authentication failed The authentication of the user failed. The username or password is invalid.
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