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Character Sets

The SLSMTP ActiveX component in the tool SamLogic Internet Components can send e-mail messages with any available character set. The character set specification is included in the message header, and if you send an HTML message, it's also included as a meta tag in the HTML document.

In the table below you find some common character sets that you can use with the Charset property in the SLSMTP component.
Value Description
big5 Chinese Traditional (Big5)
csISO2022JP Japanese (JIS-Allow 1 byte Kana)
euc-kr Korean (EUC)
gb2312 Chinese Simplified (GB2312)
hz-gb-2312 Chinese Simplified (HZ)
ibm852 Central European (DOS)
ibm866 Cyrillic Alphabet (DOS)
iso-2022-jp Japanese (JIS)
iso-2022-jp Japanese (JIS-Allow 1 byte Kana)
iso-2022-kr Korean (ISO)
iso-8859-1 Western Alphabet
iso-8859-1 Western Alphabet (ISO)
iso-8859-2 Central European Alphabet (ISO)
iso-8859-3 Latin 3 Alphabet (ISO)
iso-8859-4 Baltic Alphabet (ISO)
iso-8859-5 Cyrillic Alphabet (ISO)
iso-8859-6 Arabic Alphabet (ISO)
iso-8859-7 Greek Alphabet (ISO)
iso-8859-8 Hebrew Alphabet (ISO)
koi8-r Cyrillic Alphabet (KOI8-R)
ks_c_5601 Korean
shift-jis Japanese (Shift-JIS)
tis-620 Thai
unicode Universal Alphabet
unicodeFEFF Universal Alphabet (Big-Endian)
us-ascii US-ASCII
utf-7 Universal Alphabet (UTF-7)
utf-8 Universal Alphabet (UTF-8)
windows-1250 Central European Alphabet (Windows)
windows-1251 Cyrillic Alphabet (Windows)
windows-1252 Western Alphabet (Windows)
windows-1253 Greek Alphabet (Windows)
windows-1254 Turkish Alphabet
windows-1255 Hebrew Alphabet (Windows)
windows-1256 Arabic Alphabet (Windows)
windows-1257 Baltic Alphabet (Windows)
windows-1258 Vietnamese Alphabet (Windows)
windows-874 Thai (Windows)
x-euc Japanese (EUC)