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Below you can download older freeware that we have released before.

SamLogic No Ads Utility - removes popup ads

Are you also tired of all these popup ads that always fill your screen when your are browsing on the web? The freeware SamLogic No Ads Utility solves this problem by automatically removing all these popups from the screen. When you start this program you never need to see any popup ads anymore!

Download SamLogic No Ads Utility (436 kb)                                 Screen Shot


SamLogic AtomicSync - makes your computer clock showing the correct time

If you want to be sure that your computer clocks always shows the correct time you should download and install SamLogic AtomicSync. This application synchronizes the system clock in your computer with an atomic clock server (time server) via Internet.

Download SamLogic AtomicSync (2210 kb)                                  Screen Shot

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