Monday to Friday                                        Week [$Week] -  [$Year]
Below you find the menu for week [$Week]. We have open Monday To Friday 10 am to 15 pm. Price: €5.90.

The A la carte menu is also available from 10 am. The restaurant is open every day from 10 am to 11 pm.

1: Vealragout with mushroomsauce mashed potatoes and broccoli with tomatoess.
2: Pasta with pepper, parsley, tomatoes cream and cheese with salad.
1: Turkey scallop with dry-cured ham and sage risotto and green beans.
2: Filo pastry with vegetableragout rice and salad.
1: Porc scallop Vanessa stuffed with leek and bacon roast potatoes cauliflowers.
2: Eggplants piccata with mushrooms risotto and vegetable.

1: Minced beef with redwinesauce pasta and apple puree.
2: Chili con carne with corn and sour cream.
1: Codfilet steamed with KoKos-currysauce basmati Rice and green peas.
2: Chickenbreast with mushroomsauce pasta,green peas and carrots.
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