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Visual Installer is often used together with Access, and in this issue of our newsletter we will show how to install an Access runtime engine from a Visual Installer installation. In this issue we also show some of menu interfaces examples that follow USB menu Creator - our tool to create Autorun menu examples for USB sticks and SD cards.

In this issue you can also read about our Development Tools bundle, that is more adapted to developers and technicians than our Media Tools bundle. We have also included some information about our Word To HTML Converter Tool, which is a .NET class that can be used to convert formatted Word text to formatted HTML text.

Anders Persson
SamLogic Software
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AccessIf you are going to distribute a Microsoft Access database with your Visual Installer installation project, you probably want to install a corresponding Access runtime engine also, in your end-users’ computers. By installing an Access runtime engine, the end-users do not need to have the full Access version installed in their computers.

Installing an Access runtime engine can be done from Visual Installer during Visual Installer’s own installation process.

Access runtime engine

We have published a new tip on our website that describes how to do this:
Logotype - Visual Installer
Tip: How to install Access Runtime from script


Two menus
USB Menu Creator is our tool to create menu interfaces for USB sticks and SD memory cards, and we have included lots of menu examples that show how you can design your own menu interfaces.

One menu (1)

You can open the menu examples via the Help - Open Example Project menu item in the editor.

One menu (2)

You can see some more examples of menus on the following web page:

Autorun Menu Examples


With USB Menu Creator you can create AutoRun menu interfaces for USB flash drives. The menus will open automatically when the USB stick is plugged into the computer's USB port. From a menu users can run programs, open documents, play videos etc.
USB Menu Creator is a special bundle that contains the following 3 products: CD-Menu Creator, USB AutoRun Creator and Image Resizer.
Read more about SamLogic USB Menu Creator

Word to Html
The Word To HTML Converter class is a .NET class for C#, VB etc. that can convert complex HTML from Word to a clean and simple HTML with only standard tags. All Word specific tags are removed.

A HTML Clipboard class is included
To make it simpler to copy and paste text between Word documents and HTML, we have also included a HTML Clipboard class.

Source code and example code are included
Full well-documented source code and example code in C# that shows how to use the classes, are also included.

Read more about 'SamLogic Word To HTML Converter Class'

SamLogic Development Tools - Product packageSAMLOGIC DEVELOPMENT TOOLS

SamLogic Development Tools is a special bundle with applications, tools and components for developers and technicians. It contain the following tools and components:

- Visual Installer
- USB-Menu Creator
- Word To HTML Converter Class
- Component libraries (Internet, Twitter and Calendar components)

12 months technical support & updates are also included for all software in the bundle. You can read more about SamLogic Development Tools on the following web page:

Read more about 'SamLogic Development Tools'


Read more news on our Facebook pageMore news and information about our products are available on our Facebook page. You can now for example read this:
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Visual Installer

SamLogic Visual Installer - Product package
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USB Menu Creator


SamLogic USB-Menu Creator - Product package

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Development Tools

SamLogic Development Tools - Product package
A special bundle with applications, tools and components. Price: 199 dollar.
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- CD-Menu Creator
- USB AutoRun Creator
- Visual Installer
- MultiMailer
- Development Tools
- Media Tools
- USB Menu Creator
- Calendar Components
- Internet Components
- Twitter Component
- Word To HTML Converter

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