Survey - SamLogic CD-Menu Creator

Right now we are developing CD-Menu Creator 2015, and we will release the new version of CD-Menu Creator before the summer. If you want to help us improve CD-Menu Creator, and have suggestions on new functions or how to make current functions better, you can fill in the survey below and post your answers to us. You can post the survey anonymous but if you want a dialog with us so we can ask more detailed questions regarding some features you wish to add, you can fill in your contact information below.
After you have filled the survey, press the Send Survey button at the bottom of the page to send it to us.

 Questions about usage

Below are some questions about how you use CD-Menu Creator.


1.) What kind of information do you usually distribute with CD-Menu Creator?
Documents   Programs   Pictures   Videos   Music   Web pages (HTML)   Adobe Flash   Other

2.) How do you distribute your information (when using CD-Menu Creator)?
By CD    By DVD    By USB stick    By Internet    Other   

3.) How do you distribute your information most often (when using CD-Menu Creator)?
By CD    By DVD    By USB stick    By Internet    Other

4.) Where do you store your files that you use for your menus?
I store them local on my computer
I store them in a network
I store them on a USB stick or external hard disk
I store them on the cloud (Dropbox, OneDrive etc.)


 Questions about the program

Check the alternatives that best suite your opinion about SamLogic CD-Menu Creator.


1.) How often do you use SamLogic CD-Menu Creator?
1-3 times/year    1-2 times/month    Every week    Daily    I have just bought/tested the program

2.) How many different menus have you created with CD-Menu Creator?
Less than 5    5-10     10-50     50-100     More than 100

3.) How often do you create a CD / DVD / USB sticks that contain several menu pages / submenus?
Never    Sometimes    Often    All the time    I didn't know about the feature

4.) If you create several menu pages / submenus, how many menus do they usually contain of?
2-3     3-5     5-10     10-20     20-

5.) How easy / difficult is it to burn CDs / DVDs with the menus that you have created with CD-Menu Creator?
Very difficult    Difficult    Fair    Easy   Very easy

6.) Would you like to have a possibility to burn a menu directly from CD-Menu Creator?
Yes    No    It doesn't matter    I don't know

7.) Which feature do you think is the most important in a new version of CD-Menu Creator?
More samples/templates
Possibility to burn directly
Graphical/visual editor  
Easier to create multiple menu systems
Other (you can specify it further down in this survey).
I don't know, I haven't used the program so much yet



If you sometimes have problems with CD-Menu Creator when you create or distribute CDs / DVDs / USB sticks you can describe them below.


1.) How often are there any problems with CD-Menu Creator?
Never    Rarely    Sometimes    Often   Always

2.) What usually causes the problems?
Editor crashes    Burning fails    Menus doesn’t work on the CD / DVD / USB stick
Problems with sound   Problems with videos   Problems with Adobe Flash   Pictures are shown in a wrong way   
Autorun doesn’t work   It takes long time before the menu opens     Other   

3.) Can you give a description of the problems that occur?


 Suggestions for improvements and new features

Here you can give your suggestions for improvements or new features that you want us to add to CD-Menu Creator.





If you want us to contact you regarding any improvement or changes in the product, you can fill in your contact information below.