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The "Newsletter" tab
How do I insert images into my e-mail?
You can insert images in two different ways. One method is to insert the image directly in the e-mail by using the Insert - Picture menu option. Another method is to insert a link (URL) to a picture on the Internet via the Insert - Picture Link menu option. If you use the second method the image will not be included in the outgoing e-mail message, instead it will be downloaded at the moment the receiver opens the e-mail. One big advantage using this method is that every e-mail will be sent out much faster. Another advantage is that the receivers can start reading the e-mail before all images have been downloaded. This is good if he/she has a slow Internet connection.

How do I attach a PDF document to my e-mail?
In the bottom of the Newsletter tab there is a text box with the name Attachment. To the right of the text box there is a button with a plus sign (+). If you press this button a dialog box is opened and via this dialog box you can select a file that you want to attach to the e-mail message. If you want to remove the attached file you can press the button with a minus sign (-).

How do I add sound or music to my e-mail message?
To add sound or music to your e-mail message you can choose the Insert - Sound menu option. You can add WAVE-, MIDI- and MP3-files to your messages. We recommend you to insert sound as the very last action. Include it in the e-mail message when everything else is done, because a sound tag is invisible and can be tricky to edit without opening the HTML source.

I want the user to be able to click on a word in my newsletter and be redirected to a page on the Internet. How to do?
Select the word in the newsletter you want to add a link to, and choose the Insert - Hyperlink - URL menu item. In the dialog box that is opened, enter or paste an exact Internet address (URL) to the web page, including the protocol "http://". When you close the dialog box the word will be underlined, and when the receiver of your e-mail clicks on the word the specified web page will be opened in a web browser.

I want to open the users e-mail client with my e-mail address automatically inserted, when he/she clicks on a link in the letter. How is it done?
Select the word in the newsletter you want to link to your e-mail address, and choose the Insert - Hyperlink - E-mail Address menu item. Enter the e-mail address you want to be used as a recipient in the E-Mail Address textbox. If you want a subject line to be automatically pre-filled in the user's e-mail client you can enter the text in the Subject text box. When you close the dialog box the word will be underlined, and when the receiver of your e-mail clicks on this word, the receiver's e-mail client will be opened with your e-mail address as the recipient.

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The "Mailing List" tab and the Import/Export functions
Can I find and remove duplicates in my mailing list?
Yes, you can. You can have all duplicate e-mail addresses in the mailing list selected by choosing the Edit -  Select Duplicates menu item or by pressing the F8 key. Thereafter you can press the Delete button on your keyboard to remove all duplicates. MultiMailer will not select the first occurance of a contact / e-mail address in a group with duplicates; that's why you can delete duplicates in this smooth way.

Is it possible to search for a phone number in the mailing list?
Yes, you can search in every data field in the mailing list. To open the search dialog box in MultiMailer, choose the Edit - Find menu item.

Can I categorize contacts in the mailing list in different groups?
Yes, you can categorize every individual contact or group of contacts in your mailing list. Right click on an item or select several items at the time and then choose Set Category - Set Category in the Edit menu.

How do I send messages only to a few recipients in the list?
Before you start the delivery of your e-mail messages to your contacts, you can choose if every contact in your mailing list should receive your message or just some of them. This is managed in the Start Sending dialog box, that is opened via the Mailing menu. There you can choose one the following three options:
All recipients in the mailing list:
Every contact in the mailing list will get your e-mail message.
Only selected recipients:
Only selected contacts will get your e-mail message. You can select several items in the list by using the CTRL key and the left mouse button.
Recipients in the specified category:
Only recipients within a specified category will get your e-mail message.

Can MultiMailer handle several mailing lists?
Yes, you can create an unlimited number of mailing lists with MultiMailer. This has advantages if you for example have a large client’s database with a lot of addresses and want to categorize them in smaller groups that are easier to handle. You can create a new mailing list by choosing the File - New - Mailing List menu item.

Can MultiMailer import contact information from other software?
Yes it can. Instead of entering same data manually you can import the data from other programs where they are originally stored. MultiMailer can import data from many data sources, for example from Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access. MultiMailer can also import data from CRM systems and from SQL databases.

How do I import data from Microsoft Excel in the best possible way?
MultiMailer can import data from Microsoft Excel in many ways. The simplest method is to make a direct import from a Microsoft Excel sheet file by choosing the menu item File - Import & Export - Import to Mailing List and selecting the Import from Microsoft Excel option in list that is shown. An import wizard in two steps is shown, and in the first step you choose an Excel file and in the second step you select the data fields to import. You can read more about import from Excel files on this page.

If you need to import large amounts of data you can choose import via ODBC instead. This will make the import faster, but if you don't have so many contacts to import, it is better to import data directly from Excel as described above. 

Is it possible to import data to MultiMailer from an UNIX environment?
Yes, MultiMailer can import data from a UNIX system. You can use the ODBC method, or export the data to a text file in the UNIX system and then import the data in the text file to MultiMailer.

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The "Sent Messages" and "Statistics" tabs
Can I see which contacts that will not get an e-mail because of errors?
Yes, when the e-mail delivery is finished you can sort the column Status (click on the header of this column) in the Sent Messages tab and you will get all e-mail addresses that get an error message gathered.

Is it possible to see who have received my earlier e-mail messages?
Yes, you can see who got your earlier e-mails by opening the Statistics tab and then right click on the particular mailing and choosing Show Log File in the local menu. A log file will then be shown, where you will find detailed information about your earlier mail deliveries, including e-mail addresses of the receivers.

Is information about errors and invalid e-mail addresses saved when doing an e-mail delivery?
Yes, the log file stores information about every e-mail that is sent and you can also read error codes and error messages here and se what went wrong.

Is it possible to export the log file to other databases?
Yes, it's possible. To create a log file that is importable in other programs you must check the Create an importable tab delimited log file option in the Options - Options dialog box (the Log tab).


Can I see who opens my e-mails?
Yes, if you have the Professional version of MultiMailer. Then you can see who opens your e-mails, and also see who clicks on links in your e-mails and which links they click on. You can read more about these features in MultiMailer on this page.

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E-mail Account Settings
Where in MultiMailer do I enter e-mail account settings?
If you choose the Options - E-Mail Account Settings menu item, a dialog box will be opened where you can enter e-mail account settings (including server name, username and password). More information is available on this page.

Can I have a different sender e-mail address than the one I log on to my e-mail server?
Yes, you can. In the E-Mail Account Settings dialog box you can enter different e-mail addresses in the E-mail address and E-mail address (login) text boxes. Only the e-mail address specified in E-mail address text box will be shown for the receiver of your e-mails in his/her e-mail client application.

Can I have a different reply e-mail address than the sender e-mail address?
Yes, you can. In the E-Mail Account Settings dialog box you can enter a different reply address in the Reply Address text box. If a reader replies your e-mail, this e-mail address will be used.
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