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We have written a few articles that we have published on our Internet site. The articles cover topics such as AutoRun and AutoPlay technologies, the autorun.inf file, autostarting menu interfaces, USB flash drives, sound / music file formats (e.g. MP3, WMA, MIDI etc.), 64-bit Windows, Windows 8 and 10, manifest files, the SMTP protocol and the SMTP server etc.
We have also included articles that cover e-mail marketing and newsletter design. For example articles that explain the difference between the HTML and plain text format, how to design newsletters for mobile phones and smartphones, what to consider when sending newsletters to web-based e-mail clients (like Gmail), how to create a newsletter that increases sales etc. Click on a link below to read an article.
SamLogic CD-Menu Creator / USB AutoRun Creator (Articles)
AutoRun / AutoPlay:
Why Create an Autorun Menu For Your CD or DVD?
What is the Difference Between AutoRun and AutoPlay?
Using AutoPlay and AutoRun in Windows 10
The Autorun.inf file (in Windows), What is it?
Using AutoRun with a USB Flash Drive
Using AutoRun / AutoPlay with a USB Flash Drive in Windows 7
How to Create an AutoRun Menu For a USB Flash Drive
How to Enable / Disable Autorun for a Drive (using Registry)
USB Flash Drive and Security - How to Protect the Contents of a USB Stick
Sound / Music File Formats
SamLogic Visual Installer (Articles)
The 'Program Files (x86)' and 'SysWOW64' folders explained
The 'Program Files' folder in different languages
The 'Sysnative' folder in 64-bit Windows explained
Code Signing / Digital Certificates:
What is Code Signing / Digital Signature / Digital Certificate? 
Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing in Windows 8 / Windows 10
Windows 8:
How to install a desktop application / desktop app in Windows 8
How to install a Windows Store app in Windows 8
Windows Desktop App vs Windows Store App: What's Difference?
Windows SmartScreen - Anti-Malware Protection in Windows 8
How To Disable / Turn Off Windows SmartScreen in Windows 8
The 'Program Files\WindowsApps' folder in Windows 8 explained
Creating an Installation Program for Windows Vista and Windows 7
Can I Replace Wise Installer with Visual Installer?
What is a Manifest (in Windows)?
SamLogic MultiMailer (Articles)
Sending Newsletters via E-mail (21 Advantages) 

Newsletter Design / Creation:
Useful tips for those of you that write your own newsletters
How to market products with email newsletters
How to create a newsletter that increase sales
HTML Newsletter vs Newsletter in Plain Text - Which Format should I use?
Mobile E-mail: How to Create a Newsletter for a Mobile Phone & Smartphone
Sending an E-mail / Newsletter to, Gmail and Yahoo!
Free Newsletter Templates for Email Marketing
Free Images for Your Email Newsletter and Blog
Which image format is best for email newsletters?
& Spam filters:
How to reduce the e-mail bounce rate when sending newsletters
How to reduce spam score for your newsletters
How to add / update SPF for a domain
DKIM - How to add this to your domain
DMARC - How to add this DNS record to your domain
E-mail Services
Using an E-mail Service Like AuthSMTP, and TurboSMTP with MultiMailer
SamLogic MultiMailer / SamLogic Internet Components (Articles)
What is a Mail Server and How Does it Work?
The SMTP Protocol / The SMTP Server
SMTP Commands Reference
Miscellaneous (Articles)
Windows 8:
New Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 8
Why Were the Start Button & Start Menu Removed in Windows 8?
How to remotely control a Windows application from a tablet
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