FAQ - Questions About Common Errors

Why is the "Start Sending" button not available?
The Start Sending button in the toolbar is turned off until e-mail account settings have been specified in MultiMailer. Before you can start sending e-mail messages you must specify an e-mail account. Choose the Option - E-Mail Account Settings menu item and enter account settings (for example server name and login details) in the dialog box that is opened. If you don't have an e-mail server, you can read this article about how to get one.

We have our own e-mail server and we can’t send e-mail outside our Intranet to external addresses. What do we do?
Check the settings for your e-mail server. This is often a configuration error that can be solved by changing some settings. Another option, if the problem can not be solved, is to use an external e-mail service or use an e-mail server that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) provides.

Sometimes an e-mail delivery is stopped although there are contacts left in the mailing list. Why?
It can depend on your e-mail server. Some e-mail servers has a limit of how many e-mail messages that can be send per hour or per minute. You can try to increase the pause between two e-mails in the Options dialog box (Time Settings tab).
Sometimes there can also be a temporary technical problem with your e-mail server, or with the receiver's e-mail server. If you have the timeout handling activated in MultiMailer, the program should normally break a wait state within one minute. But if the wait state continues for many minutes you can break the wait state manually by choosing the Cancel wait state - continue with next menu item in the Mailing menu.

My newsletter contains some pictures, but they are not shown in the receivers e-mail client. Why not?

The reason can be that the receiver has turned off displaying of images in his/her e-mail client. In many e-mail clients, like Microsoft Outlook, this is the default setting. Also some Internet security programs (for example Norton Internet Security) can prevent pictures from being shown.

When I try to start sending e-mails, an error box with a message that starts with the text "Error #10053 occurred..." is shown. What’s wrong?
Error 10053 means that a program in the system interrupts the communication suddenly and in an unusual way. The reason could be that a firewall or anti-virus program does not allow MultiMailer to communicate through the standard e-mail port (25). You can check in your security program if it can allow MultiMailer to use port 25 for communication.

When I try to start sending e-mails, nothing happens. What can be wrong?
If nothing happens when you start an e-mail delivery, the program seems to wait and wait forever, the reason can be that a firewall blocks the communication. Mostly there will be an error message if a firewall blocks the communication, but sometimes there is no error message; the communcation is just blocked and the program seems to freeze. If this happen you need to open your security program and allow MultiMailer to communicate with e-mail servers etc.
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