SamLogic CD-Menu Creator 2022 - The Visual Menu Editor

The visual editor in SamLogic CD-Menu Creator is very intuitive and easy to use. You can create a menu very quickly and have a complete CD menu, DVD menu or USB flash drive menu, with graphics, buttons, sound and movies, ready in only 10 minutes! Below you find some screen dumps from the visual environment.
Window and Background

CD-Menu Creator editor - Window tab
The background can contain of one color, be color blended, have a picture or a have a graphic pattern. The menu can be shown with a caption (title bar) or without one. You can also instruct the menu to be always on the top, even when it's inactive. A menu can also be partial transparent or fade in the screen from nowhere.

CD-Menu Creator editor - Background Effects dialog box
You can add a title and a subtitle to your menu interface very easily. You can also add different effects to the title, for example underline and background effects.
Buttons (Commands and Text)

CD-Menu Creator editor - Edit Button dialog box
All buttons that are included in a menu is shown in a list. In this list you can add buttons, edit buttons, delete buttons, move buttons and copy buttons. You can set unique properties to every button; for example button text, tip text, command, file path, button color, sound etc. You can also password protect a button.
Buttons (Appearance and Position)

CD-Menu Creator editor - Buttons tab
The buttons and clickable links in a menu can be shown in a lot of different styles. For example they can be text only, be framed text, use 3D effects, use glass effects, be in a metallic style, be color blended between two colors, or contain a bitmap picture. You can also add shadow effects to the buttons and create rollover effects.
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