New Menu Templates

We have added new menu templates to the menu template gallery in CD-Menu Creator. You can now choose between more than 50 different menu templates. By using the template gallery you can in an easy way choose a basic design style for your menu, and thereafter you can personalize it for your current project. This simplifies a lot when creating stunning menu interfaces.
The menu template gallery window contains now different tabs where every tab contains menu templates for a specific color. The following colors are supported: blue, green, red, yellow, black and white. In the picture below you can see two tabs (two colors) in the new menu template gallery (white and green). More information about tabs and colors is available on this webpage.

The menu template gallery now also contains a second step (a new window) where you can choose a placement for menu buttons and the menu title. In this window you can also decide if you want to underline the title and if you want to add a sample picture and sample buttons to the menu. The picture below shows how the new window looks like:

Window: Choose Placement For Buttons
The picture below shows an example of a menu template after creation. In the example below we have chosen a red color theme and a menu template with the name "Plastic buttons". The button's placement has been set to "right". The picture and the buttons in the template was included automatically: