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Tip: How to use the Picture Gallery to show video clips

The Picture Gallery is normally used to show a gallery of pictures, as described in this tip, but the Picture Gallery can also be used to show a gallery with video clips. When the user clicks on a picture in the gallery, a video clip starts playing. The tip below shows how to do this:

1. Start CD-Menu Creator.
2. Create a new project or open an existing project.
3. Open the Buttons (text) tab in the editor and click the Add Button button.
4. Enter a text in the Text (button) text box, for example "Video Gallery".
5. Select the Open Picture Gallery command in the Command combo box.
6. Enter "\My Pictures and Videos" in the Folder (disc) text box.

7. Now click on the Options button.
8. Open the Picture Gallery tab.
9. Enter "Video Gallery" or another proper text in the Title text box.
9. Enter "jpg" in the Filename extension text box.

10. Now click the More Options button.
11. Select the Open file with the following filename extension option and enter a filename extension in the text box to the right of the option; for example "avi" if you want to open AVI videos.

12. Open the Picture Size tab.
13. Select the Use this height for the pictures in the gallery option.

14. Now click the "..." button to the right of the option. The following dialog box will be shown:

15. Now drag the slider to set a size (a height) for the picture. You can drag the slider so the height is 150.
16. Click OK to close the dialog box.
17. The More Options dialog box will be shown again. The height of the picture will now be displayed in the text box in the dialog box:

18. You can now close this dialog box and the others, till the editor's main window is in focus again.
19. You can now create the menu (press the Create button).
20. After you have created the menu, you can create a folder with the name \My Pictures and Videos in the same drive that you created the menu.
21. Now copy some JPEG pictures (.JPG files) and corresponding AVI videos (.AVI files) to this folder. *
22. Now run the menu and click on the "Video Gallery" button in the menu interface.
23. The Video Gallery will look like this (click on a picture to start a video clip):


*) The filename of the AVI file to open must be the same as the filename of the JPEG file that the user clicks on to open the video clip, with the exception that the filename extension must be different and match the filetype. For example, if the filename of the JPEG picture is "Item1.jpg" then the filename of the AVI video must be "Item1.avi". CD-Menu Creator then always knows which video to open when somebody clicks on the picture in the Picture Gallery.

It may be simpler to create a USB flash drive project and use an empty USB stick when you test this command for the first time because you can use the actual folder structure and actual folders from the beginning. When you succeed to make it work on a USB flash drive, you can create a structure for a CD/DVD if you want to distribute your menu using this media.

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