Word To HTML Converter - Reference Guide
We have included two classes in the package. With the Word To HTML Converter class you can convert HTML with Word tags to a simplified HTML with standard tags, and with the HTML Clipboard class you can copy HTML from and to Windows clipboard.
The converter class is a system independent class that can be used in desktop applications, mobile applications and web applications. The HTML clipboard class can be used in Windows desktop applications and in mobile applications.
Static methods - easy to use
All methods in the classes are static, so they are easy to use. Below is an example:
// Convert and clean HTML with Word tags
string sCleanedHtml = CWordHtmlConverter.ConvertWordToCleanHtml(sHtmlFromWord);
The classes
Below is a list of all classes that are included. Click on the underlined class name to read more about a specific class.
  Class Description
CWordHtmlConverter Contains methods that convert formatted Word text to a standard HTML text.
CHtmlClipboard Contains methods that copies HTML text from and to Windows clipboard.
The following files are included:
  File Description
SLWordHtmlConverter.cs A C# source code file that contains the CWordHtmlConverter class.
SLHtmlClipboard.cs A C# source code file that contains  the CHtmlClipboard class.
Example code
On this page you can find a code example that shows how to use the classes.
System requirements
Can be used with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and later (or compatible). The following frameworks are supported: .NET Framework 2.0 and later, .NET Core, .NET Standard and Xamarin. See full system requirements on this page.