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SLTwitCtrl ActiveX Control for Twitter - Distribution / Installation

If you use the SLTwitCtrl component in your project, the following four files must be distributed with your project:
Filename Filetype Description
SLTwitCtrl.ocx ActiveX The Twitter ActiveX control.
sltwit.dll DLL Contains support functions for the Twitter ActiveX control.
libeay32.dll DLL Contains encryption functions that handles coded communications over the Internet.
ssleay32.dll DLL Contains functions that handles the SSL protocol.

All of the files above were installed to the 32-bit System folder on your hard disk during the setup of SamLogic Social Media Components. When you add the files to your project you should open the 32-bit System folder, add the files from that folder and specify the 32-bit System folder as a destination for the files. The SLTwitCtrl.ocx file must also be registered during the setup. The other files don't need to be registered during the setup.
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Runtime Components
In addition, also Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 runtime components must be installed during the setup of your project. You can download a fully functioning and ready to use setup with the runtime components from this download page at Microsoft. The file size of the setup file is only 1,7 MB, so it is quickly installed. You can install the files in silent mode, so no user action is needed. To install in silent mode, use the following command line to start the installation:

<%FOLDER>\vcredist_x86.exe /q
Where <%FOLDER> is a folder path to the setup file, vcredist_x86.exe is the filename of the setup file and /q is a switch that tells the setup program to work in silent mode.
Do you need a setup tool for installation of your project? Read more about our Visual Installer setup tool.
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