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ActiveX: SLAlarm      (Filename: SLALARM.OCX)

SLAlarm is an ActiveX component that lets you set multiple alarms, that goes off at various times and dates. This general alarm control makes it easy to schedule events.
Name Type Description
Activated Boolean Activates or deactivates the alarm control. If this property has the value False no alarm events will be fired. If this property has the value True alarm events will be fired if there is a match between the current date and time and the scheduled date and time.
IgnoreDate Boolean If this property has the value True, only the time of an added alarm will be used - the date part will be ignored. If this property has the value False both date and time must match before an alarm event will be fired.
Name Description
Alarm This event occurs when the alarm date and time is the same as current date and time. The ID parameter contains the alarm identifier of the fired alarm.

Add (DateTime As Date, ID As Integer) As Boolean

Adds time and date to the internal list of scheduled alarms. The date/time is specified by the DateTime parameter. The ID parameter can be used to set a unique identifier for an alarm and can be used in the Alarm event to identify the alarm.

Clear ()

Removes all added date and times from the alarm control.



The example below add two alarm times to the
SLAlarm control. Both date and time must be correct before an alarm event can be fired. When the condition is true, the alarm is fired via the Alarm event.

Dim DT As Date

DT = "2009-07-28 17:00"   ' Time 1
SLAlarm1.Add DT, 1
DT = "2009-07-28 19:00"  
' Time 2
SLAlarm1.Add DT, 2
SLAlarm1.IgnoreDate = False

Private Sub SLAlarm1_Alarm(ByVal ID As Integer)
    MsgBox "Alarm number: " + CStr(ID), 0, "Alarm"
End Sub
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