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SamLogic Internet Components is a collection of useful ActiveX components for programs and ASP / ASP.NET pages that need to communicate over the Internet / intranet. Controls for sending & receiving e-mail messages, FTP, ping, time servers, WHOIS servers, credit cards etc are included.
SamLogic Internet Components is a collection of powerful ActiveX components that can be used for communication over the Internet or for communication between computers in intranet systems. The components can be used by programs running in client computers or installed in servers and used by ASP / ASP.NET pages.
The tool contains components for sending and receiving e-mail messages (using the SMTP and POP3 protocols), communication with FTP servers, retrieving current time from a time server on the Internet, pinging machines on the Internet or in intranet systems, reading WHOIS information. Some general purpose components are also included in this tool box, for example a log file control, an alarm control, a high-resolution timer and a control for validating credit card numbers.
The components in the SamLogic Internet Components toolbox can be used in all applications and programming languages that can handle ActiveX controls, for example Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Application (VBA), Visual C++, Delphi, Access etc. The ActiveX controls can also be used in ASP pages and ASP.NET (ASPX) pages. The components are fully compatible with Microsoft .NET Framework. More information is available here.

The controls have been careful tested and have been in real world environments for many years now. All controls are written in Visual C++ for performance reasons. The source code of the ActiveX controls is also available for purchase.

In the table below you find a list of all ActiveX components that are included in SamLogic Internet Components. Click on a component name to get more information about the component.
  Name  Description
AtomicClock  Retrieves the current time from atomic clock based time servers on the Internet.
CreditCard  Validates credit card numbers and checks expiration dates of credit cards.
HyperLink  Creates and handles hyperlinks on a form.
SLAlarm  An alarm control that fires events at specified dates and times.
SLFTP  Handles FTP communication with an FTP server.
SLHiResTimer  A high-resolution timer with an accuracy of one microsecond.
SLInetInfo  Obtains technical Internet-specific information about local and remote computers.
SLLogX  Creates and handles log files that can be used to log events.
SLPing  Ping control that checks if a server or client exists on the Internet. Returns also response times.
SLPOP  Downloads e-mail messages from a POP3 server.
SLSMTP  Sends HTML and plain text e-mail messages via an SMTP server.
SysInfo  Returns detailed system information about the computer system and Windows.
WhoIs  Queries a WHOIS server for domain registration information.
Download a demo
A demo version of SamLogic Internet Components is available for evaluation. By downloading the demo you can test all components in the component library before purchase. Click here to download a demo.
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