Import of data from Microsoft Excel

SamLogic MultiMailer lets you import contact information (email addresses, names, etc.) and other data directly from Microsoft Excel to MultiMailer's mailing list. The import operation is very simple: through an import wizard in two steps, first select an Excel file to import from and thereafter, select the fields you want to import. The most common field names, such as e-mail address and name, will be matched automatically by MultiMailer.
MultiMailer will remember the settings for the next import; so if you are importing data from the same Excel sheet file again, all settings in the import wizard will be correct from the beginning. This means you only need to select the field names once. When you want to import again, they are already pre-selected.
MultiMailer's Import Wizard - Selection of data fields

MultiMailer's import wizard for Excel files.
In the picture above, step two in MultiMailers import wizard for Excel is shown. Here you choose which data fields to import to MultiMailer's mailing list. If the field names in the Excel sheet file are common and easy to recognize, MultiMailer will find the fields automatically and match them with correct fields in MultiMailer.
Microsoft Excel sheet with contact information

Excel sheet with data (contact information).
The picture above shows how contact information can be organized in an Excel file to make it easy for MultiMailer to import the data. In the example above MultiMailer will find all data fields automatically. Common field names like E-mail address, First name and Last name are found automatically by MultiMailer.
Microsoft Excel 2002 to 2021 are supported
SamLogic MultiMailer supports Microsoft Excel 2002 to 2021 (both .XLS and .XSLX files), so almost all Microsoft Excel versions that are in use today are supported by the program.
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