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 SamLogic Newsletter - SamLogic's 2015 tools are adapted to the new Windows 10


All 2015 products are adapted to Windows 10
Optimize your images with Image Resizer
Media Tools - Program bundle with 5 programs
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Hi [$Namn],

We have now released a new version of our setup tool Visual Installer and menu designer tool CD-Menu Creator. The names of the new versions are Visual Installer 2015 and CD-Menu Creator 2015, and next week we will email you more details about what is new in the new versions. Meanwhile you can read our blog for more information.

If you have any questions about Visual Installer 2015 or CD-Menu Creator 2015, or about our other tools, you can send us an email.

Anders Persson
SamLogic Software


Microsoft Windows 10 was released last month and everybody expect this version of Windows to be a greater success than the previous version of Microsoft's operating system. We have therefore adapted the new 2015 versions of our products to the new OS. Both the editors and created setup programs and menu interfaces can be run in Microsoft Windows 10.

Supported operating systems
You can obtain a list of operating systems that Visual Installer 2015 and CD-Menu Creator 2015 support on the following web pages on our web site:
SamLogic Visual Installer 2015 - System Requirements
SamLogic CD-Menu Creator 2015 - System Requirements


SamLogic Image Resizer is an easy-to-use tool that can be used to resize and convert images so they can be used in web sites, blogs, e-mail newsletters, and with applications.

Images will load faster
By reducing the size of images they will load much faster if they are used in web sites and blogs. And if you have an e-mail newsletter, your recipients will download the newsletter much faster if the size of the pictures are not so large. The quality of the images will often also be better if you resize them in a program that are designed for this purpose instead of letting the e-mail client or web browser resize them.

Optimization of the image resolution
When you receive a high-resolution photo taken with a digital camera, it often has a resolution of 300 DPI. But a computer's display usually uses a resolution of 96 DPI, so the image will have much higher resolution than it's necessary. This makes the images unnecessary large, and by reducing the image resolution to 96 DPI, the file size of the image will be reduced many times. This will not affect the quality of the image in a negative way because the computer's screen can not show the higher resolution. In fact, often the quality is better if the image is optimized for the screen using a proper conversion tool.

Can convert CMYK to RGB
Sometimes images are saved using the CMYK color model. This is common if the image will be used in a color printing process. Software and computers' displays use the RGB color model, and if you use a CMYK color image in these circumstances, there is sometimes a risk that the image can not be shown; not all software can recognize CMYK color images. To be sure that the image always will be shown, it should be saved using the RGB color model. SamLogic Image Resizer will automatically save images so they use the RGB color model.

Read more about SamLogic Image Resizer here


The SamLogic Media Tools product suite has been updated with the latest versions of our programs. SamLogic Media Tools includes the following tools:
- CD-Menu Creator 2015
- Visual Installer 2015
- USB AutoRun Creator
- MultiMailer 2014
- Image Resizer
12 Months Technical Support & Updates/Upgrades
12 months technical support is included for all products in SamLogic Media Tools. You will also be able to download all updates and major upgrades that we release during these 12 months.

Read more about SamLogic Media Tools here


We send our newsletter about once a month, and if you want to read previous issues of our newsletter you can check this blog post, that contains direct links to all newsletter issues that we have sent this year:

SamLogic’s Newsletter Issues: January – June (2015)

SamLogic Media Tools

SamLogic Media Tools is a product suite for developers, marketers and informers and contains 5 of our programs.

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