Visual Installer can now import Visual Studio solution files

We have improved Visual Installer’s ability to co-operate with Microsoft Visual Studio. Since many years Visual Installer has been able to import Visual Studio / Visual Basic project files (.vbproj), but starting with Visual Installer 2015 also solution files (.sln) can be imported.

This is very useful if you have a solution that contains many projects. If you choose to import a solution file, Visual Installer will analyze all projects in the solution and import the necessary files.

How to import a Visual Studio solution file
If you want to import a Visual Studio solution file to Visual Installer you can choose the Import Visual Basic project — Visual Basic .NET 2005-2015 project menu item in the File menu in Visual Installer’s editor:

Thereafter you click on the Select project file button in the dialog box that is shown:

As default, project files (.vbproj files) are filtered out in the Open dialog box that is shown, but to the right in the Open dialog box you can choose solution files (.sln files) instead:

Now you can choose a Visual Studio solution file to import.

See also
We have published a step-by-step tip on our website that shows in detail how to import a Visual Basic project or solution to Visual Installer. There is also a tip video available.

> Tip: How to create an installation for a VB.NET application

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Easy to create multiple menu pages with CD-Menu Creator’s new wizard

Sometimes one menu page is not enough in a menu system. Sometimes you may want to create a menu system with many menu pages, for example one main menu and some sub menus. Although it has been possible to create such a system with CD-Menu Creator since many years, it has sometimes been complicated to get all file paths in all buttons correct. With CD-Menu Creator 2015 things have changed. We have now included an easy-to-use wizard that creates a menu system with more than menu page (for example a main menu and some sub menus) very easily.

When you use the wizard, all file paths will be set to correctly automatically. All files will also be created and copied to correct folders on your hard disk or USB flash drive, and all necessary project files (.CDP files) will be created automatically.

When you create a system with a main menu and sub menus, all sub menus will automatically have the same visual theme and use same colors, fonts, button styles etc. as the main menu. If you have added a logotype or menu picture to the main menu, they will be included automatically in all sub menus also.

All necessary buttons to open a sub menu or return to the main menu are included automatically in all menu pages and in all project files. If you create menu systems with many menu pages often, we are sure that you will appreciate this new function a lot!

More information
More information about the new wizard in CD-Menu Creator 2015 is available on this tip page on our website.

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CD-Menu Creator now supports Unicode characters

You can now use Unicode characters in a menu that you create with CD-Menu Creator. This allows you to use characters from any language in the world in your menus. E.g. Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Arabic, Greek, Russian etc. You can also mix different languages in the same menu interface. For example, you can use Chinese, Japanese and English text in the same menu. Unicode characters can be used for titles, button text, tip text etc.

The Unicode characters in created menu interfaces will be shown correctly regardless of which language the Windows itself uses.

More information
Support for Unicode characters is a new function in CD-Menu Creator 2015. On this web page you can find more information about Unicode characters and information about how to use them in CD-Menu Creator 2015:

> Tip: How to use Unicode characters in a menu

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Build a setup package or menu interface silently using a batch file

With Visual Installer 2015 and CD-Menu Creator 2015 it is possible to build a setup package and a menu interface silently, without any interaction with a graphical user interface. The build process is invisible, and you use command line parameters and switches to handle the build operations. And errors that occur (if there are any) are returned via a log file that contain detailed error descriptions and error codes etc.

Build servers
The silent build processes via command line parameters / switches makes it easy to call Visual Installer 2015 and CD-Menu Creator 2015 from build servers. A build server is useful if you work in a team and your team want to, for example, compile applications, build setup packages and (perhaps) build menu interfaces in one operation.

Batch files
You can also utilize this new function from local batch files (for example from traditional .BAT files). You can add one line of code for each setup package or menu interface that you want to build, in the batch file. For example:

VI.exe C:\MyProjects\ /BUILD /BUILDFOLDER:C:\MyCreatedSetups\Setup1

More information
We have added two detailed tips on our website that describes how to use this new function in Visual Installer 2015 and CD-Menu Creator 2015:

> Tip: Visual Installer’s command line parameters
> Tip: CD-Menu Creator’s command line parameters

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Visual Installer 2015 has now been released

We have now released a new version of our setup tool SamLogic Visual Installer. The name of the new version is SamLogic Visual Installer 2015 and the version number is 10.5. Some new features in the new version are:

• Support for Windows 10.
• Support for Office 2016 and Office 365.
• Support for Visual Studio 2015.
• Support for AutoCAD 2015 and AutoCAD 2016.
• You can now install both 32 bit and 64 bit files from the same installation.
• Clickable e-mail addresses and web addresses can be included in setup dialog boxes.
• Setup packages can now be built without user interaction from build servers and batch files.
• Visual Studio’s solution files (.sln files) are now supported.
• Improved code signing functions.
• Improved support for installation and uninstallation of Excel Add-Ins.
• Improved handling of license keys.
• Improved support for Twitter.

A detailed list with new features in Visual Installer 2015 is available on this web page. In the following blog posts we will describe some of the new features in Visual Installer 2015 in detail.

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CD-Menu Creator 2015 has now been released

A new version of our menu designer tool SamLogic CD-Menu Creator has now been released. The name of the new version is SamLogic CD-Menu Creator 2015 and some of the new features in the new version are:

• Support for Microsoft Windows 10.
• A wizard to create a system with a main menu and sub menus is now available.
• Full Unicode support. You can now create menu interfaces in any language in the world.
• The social media functions now also support Pinterest and Instagram.
• Menus can now be built without user interaction from build servers and batch files.
• The social media functions now also support Pinterest and Instagram.
• The logotype in the menu interface can now be clickable.

A more detailed list with the new features is available on this page. In coming blog posts we will describe the new features in CD-Menu Creator 2015 in more detail.

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SamLogic’s Newsletter Issues: January – June (2015)

We have an international newsletter that is targeted for our international customers where we publish information and news related to our products and our company. We send the newsletter about 1-2 times / month. In the newsletter you can read about:

  • Information about SamLogic Software´s products
  • Tips and tricks for SamLogic Software´s programs
  • Technical and non-technical articles
  • Videos (tip videos and information videos etc.)
  • Special offers

If you want to take a closer look on our newsletter, you find a list with all issues this year below:
> 07/2015 – CD-Menu Creator 2015 is coming soon
> 06/2015 – Visual Installer 2015 is coming soon
> 05/2015 – How to remotely control a Windows application from a tablet
> 04/2015 – Special issue about 64 bit installations
> 03/2015 – How to create a menu interface with 3 columns with buttons
> 02/2015 – New update of Visual Installer 2014
> 01/2015 – Most read articles, read blog posts and viewed videos

Subscribe to our newsletter
If you want to subscribe to our newsletter you can visit the web page below. On that web page you will also find more issues of our newsletter to preview:
> Subscribe to SamLogic Software’s newsletter

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Schneider Electric uses SamLogic Visual Installer

SamLogic Visual Installer can create setup packages for various purposes; for example for installation of applications, documents, images, videos, spreadsheets etc. The tool is suitable for both experienced developers and beginners, and it is used by companies in different sizes, and by individual consultants and by schools.

Schneider Electric
One company that uses Visual Installer to create installations is Schneider Electric. Schneider Electric uses Visual Installer for very various purposes, and they chose Visual Installer because they needed an easy-to-use tool that can create different type of installations quickly.

The company was founded 1836 and has it´s roots in iron and steel industry, heavy machinery, and ship building, and today the company is one of the largest in the electricity and automation management industry and have more than 130,000 employees in over 100 countries. See the company website for more information:

> Schneider Electric – Global Specialist in Energy Management

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Ubisoft used CD-Menu Creator to create a game menu interface

The first version of SamLogic CD-Menu Creator was released already 1997, and today the menu designer tool has users all over the world and is used by both small companies and large companies, and by government agencies, schools, and private individuals etc. SamLogic CD-Menu Creator can create menu interfaces for various purposes; for app installations, utility programs, business presentations etc. It can also be used to create menu interfaces for games.

One of the world’s largest game development companies, Ubisoft Entertainment, used CD-Menu Creator a few years ago to create a menu interface for games and movies that they distributed on a USB stick. The picture below shows how the menu looked like:

The end-user group was children who needed a simple and intuitive interface. By clicking on one of the pictures on the menu they started either an Adobe Flash game or a movie.

Built-in support for Adobe Flash
CD-Menu Creator has built-in support for Adobe Flash. This means that no external Flash player needs to be deployed with the disc or USB stick. Everything is handled by the tool.

Ubisoft Entertainment
Ubisoft is a game developer and game distributor with headquarters in Montreuil, France. The company was founded in 1986 and has over 5,7500 employees.

More examples of game menu interfaces
More examples of game menu interfaces created with SamLogic CD-Menu Creator can be viewed in this video on our YouTube video channel:

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5 tips about how to market products with email newsletters

Email marketing, for example by using newsletters, is a very fast and cost-effective way to market your products and services. You can achieve some really impressive results with emails; you just have to make sure to do it right. Below we offer you five quick tips that can easily help you to create a successful email marketing strategy and achieve the best possible results:

1. Plan your email marketing strategy
To make your email marketing successful, you need a well prepared strategy. Get the right message to your customer at the right time. How to do it?  Plan your email dispatches carefully in advance. Where do you start? The easiest way is to set and divide your email marketing strategy into three parts:

Inform with email
The first step is to inform your customers about the products and services you offer. Try to do it in an objective way, simply explain what your products do and who can benefit from them. That is not always obvious, especially for new customers, so you have to “teach” your customers about your products. Here, an email newsletter with information and tips about your products can be an excellent way to do this. You can add links to your website for more detailed information or a PDF document with a product presentation.

Remember, the first step is about informing, not selling. Provide your contact details so customers can get in touch with you if they need more information or want to order something.

Market with email
The next step is to promote and market your products with the help of email. It requires a long-term perspective.The goal is to highlight the benefits that your products offer and to strengthen your brand and company name towards your customers.

A newsletter sent by email is an excellent method to do so. You can complete your newsletter with a targeted email promotion, primarily aimed at those who have shown some interest in your products before. You will achieve the best results if you adjust your targeted email promotion for every customer group. Your goal is to make your readers curious to seek more information or to contact you, even though they won’t be buying directly. Make them click on to your website where you can highlight the benefits of your products even more.

Sell with email
The ultimate goal is selling. So how do you optimize your sales letters and get your customers to buy directly? Well, it won’t work without the first two steps. Your customers need to have a good knowledge of your products and the benefits they offer. If you have done your homework with the first two steps, now it’s time to strike. Send a sales email and aim for a direct purchase decision. Don’t forget to make it as easy as possible for your customers to order.

2. Optimize your email marketing costs
Costs are of great importance for any business and email marketing in no exception. You need to face the question how much money and time you can invest in your email marketing. Here comes the big advantage of email marketing compared to other marketing forms; its low costs. Email dispatch is free and newsletter creation cost is totally up to you. With a good email marketing tool you can achieve impressive results with no need for spending hours on it.

Well designed newsletter templates give you the possibility to quickly create your own professionally looking newsletters at low costs. Moreover, you can easily customize them after your needs. A newsletter template created by a web consultant exactly the way you want it can also be a good investment. A well made newsletter template is easy to reuse by replacing images and text every time you need a new newsletter.

3. Make sure to have correct email addresses
E-mail addresses change frequently so you need to update your mailing list regularly. A good tip that makes a difference is to use personal email addresses such as “” instead of ““. It increases the chance of getting your email to the right person. Last but not least, avoid email duplicates. Getting the same email several times can be very annoying. Use an email program that finds and eliminates the duplicates for you.

4. Best timing for your email dispatch
Time your email dispatch so that your customers can read your newsletter undisturbed. The best timing for receiving emails for B2B (business to business) clients is within office hours. E-mails sent on weekends and at night most likely disappear in the email overload popping up every morning in your customers’ inbox. Monday mornings are extra overwhelming so try to avoid them.

Mondays in general are not the best days for sending out newsletters due to heavy work load. Fridays’ dispatches on the other hand should be done in the morning as Friday is often a shorter workday.

Plan international dispatches to foreign customers in other time zones so that they are received during office hours. An email program/service with an automatic build-in email dispatch at a predefined time can help you with this (i.e. you can choose an exact time for your email dispatch or set a specific time zone for every contact).

5. Marketing emails and newsletters frequency
Sending out marketing emails too often puts you at risk of making your customers tired of it and signing out from it, or even blocking you as a sender. To avoid this, don’t send your emails to the same customer too often. On the other hand, too sporadic email dispatches may be a cause of missing an important business opportunity. The key is to find a balance for your email dispatches. A regular monthly newsletter completed with emails with more detailed information about new products plus an annual email promotion can be an appropriate email marketing strategy.

It is difficult to set a general email marketing periodicity since the recommendation varies from branch to branch. For branches with quick development and constant changes it is important to receive fresh news frequently. Less frequent email dispatches are more appropriate for branches with slower innovation pace. To achieve the best results, combine email marketing with other forms of marketing channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

See also these articles
> How to create a newsletter that increase sales
> Free Newsletter Templates for Email Marketing
> Sending Newsletters via E-mail (21 Advantages)

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How to run a Windows desktop application from a tablet

Normally it is not possible to run a Windows desktop application on a tablet computer (with an exception of Surface 3 and Surface Pro from Microsoft). But by using a remote control software like TeamViewer you can run a full-fledged Windows desktop program on any tablet computer, including iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. You can also use a keyboard and mouse with the Windows application. We will explain more in this article on our website:

> How to remotely control a Windows application from a tablet

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Upgrade from Standard to Professional

If you have bought a Standard version of SamLogic Visual Installer, SamLogic MultiMailer or SamLogic Media Tools, but want to upgrade to the Professional version of these products and get access to more functions, this is possible. You only need to pay for the price difference, which is $50 (€40).

How to upgrade
If you want to make an upgrade from Standard to Professional you can click on one of the links below:

> SamLogic Visual Installer – Upgrade – From Standard to Professional
> SamLogic MultiMailer – Upgrade – From Standard to Professional
> SamLogic Media Tools – Upgrade – From Standard to Professional

Feature lists
If you want to read abot the differences between the Standard and Professional versions of SamLogic Visual Installer, SamLogic MultiMailer and SamLogic Media Tools you can click on the links below:

> What is the difference between Visual Installer Standard and Professional?
> What is the difference between MultiMailer Standard and Professional?
> What is the difference between Media Tools Standard and Professional?

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