SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator has been updated

USB flash drivesSamLogic USB AutoRun Creator has been updated. It now supports Windows 11 and all binary files has been code signed with a 4096 bits digital certificate from Sectigo. This makes the product safer and prevents that anybody changes a binary file after distribution.

SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator can be bought as a standalone product. But is also included in the USB Menu Creator bundle. In the USB Menu Creator bundle there is also a tool for menu interface creation included. USB Menu Creator can be used to create autorun menus for USB flash drives and SD memory cards.

SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator is also included in the Media Tools and Development tools product suites.

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CD-Menu Creator 2022 has now been released

A new version of our menu designer tool CD-Menu Creator has now been released. The name of the new version is SamLogic CD-Menu Creator 2022, and some of the new features in the new version are:

• Supports the new Windows 11.
• All binary files has been code signed with a digital certificate from Sectigo.
• Alpha channel transparency for pictures (for example the logotype) is now supported.
• The glas effects for “glas buttons” are now much faster.
• Some social media icons have been modernized.
• Improved error handling.
• In the editor you can now customize the visual look of the editor more than before.

A more detailed list with the new features is available on this page.