SamLogic’s Newsletter Issues in 2017

We have an international newsletter that is targeted for our international customers where we publish information and news related to our products and our company. We send the newsletter about 1-2 times / month. In the newsletter you can read about:

  • Information about SamLogic Software´s products
  • Tips and tricks for SamLogic Software´s programs
  • Technical and non-technical articles
  • Videos (tip videos and information videos etc.)
  • Special offers

Below you can view all newsletter issues that we sent during 2017:

> 08/2017 – How to add a folder tree to Visual Installer’s file list
> 07/2017 – How to protect a Visual Installer installation with a license key or password
> 06/2017 – How to make an installed program run with administrator rights
> 05/2017 – Summer special – 30 tips for Visual Installer and CD-Menu Creator
> 04/2017 – How to add social media icons to a menu interface
> 03/2017 – The new Visual Installer 2017 is compatible with Visual Studio 2017
> 02/2017 – The new Visual Installer 2017 has now been released
> 01/2017 – The new CD-Menu Creator 2017 has now been released

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