How to use SamLogic Image Resizer – Video

In this video, that is published on YouTube, you will get a short demonstration of how to use our image resizer / converter application SamLogic Image Resizer.

SamLogic Image Resizer is used to resize and convert images (for example photos) so they can be used in web sites, blogs, e-mail newsletters, and with applications. The tool makes images smaller in size, optimizes the images resolution (DPI) for best quality on screens, and can also convert CMYK color images to RGB color images.

Download SamLogic Image Resizer
SamLogic Image Resizer is installed together with our other software, but you can also download it separately from the following web page:

> Download SamLogic Image Resizer

It is free to use SamLogic Image Resizer. You can also distribute it to other users, if you think they will have use of the program.

Visual Installer: Prime number based license keys

One important key feature in Visual Installer is the ability to create and handle license keys (installation keys). Visual Installer can handle both static license keys and prime number based license keys.

Prime number based license keys
Prime number based license keys are license keys that are created by using a formula that includes prime numbers. By combining this with a checksum, Visual Installer can very easy check that an entered license key is correct or wrong. You don’t need to include your license keys with the installation; pure mathematics is used to verify the license key.

It is also very difficult for a person to manipulate the license key and create false license keys. Not all combinations are allowed and besides that, also the checksum must be correct. So a “cracker” must consider two things in the same time, which makes it difficult to “crack” the key.

How to create prime number based license keys?
If you want to use prime number based license keys in your installation, follow the steps below to create the keys:

1. Start Visual Installer
2. Open the Dialog boxes tab in the editor
3. Click on the ”…” button to the right of the License key option
4. Click the Prime number based license keys button
5. In the dialog box that is shown you can create prime number based license keys

You can create prime number based license keys with Visual Installer

When does Visual Installer ask for the prime number based license key?
Before the actual installation of files starts, a setup wizard with dialog boxes is shown for the end-user. Among these dialog boxes there is one dialog box that asks for a license key. In the picture below you can see how the dialog box looks like:

The 'License Key' dialog box

The installation will not continue until correct license key has been entered. If the end-user enters wrong license key too many times the installation is stopped.

Handling of prime number based license keys is only included in the Professional version of Visual Installer, not in the Standard version. If you have the Standard version and want to change to the Professional version, read this blog post.

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Start button back in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1As you may already know, and as we described in an article on our website, Microsoft removed the Start button in Windows 8. This raised much criticism among Windows users and Microsoft have partly listened to them and re-introduced the Start button in the upcoming Windows 8.1 that will be released later this year. However, there is no traditional Start menu as in earlier versions of Windows. Instead, the Start screen is shown if you click on the Start button (see image to the right). The new Start button is placed at the bottom left of the screen, just like in older Windows versions.

Windows 8.1 - Right-click Start menuWindows 8.1 – Right-click menu
It is also possible to right-click on the Start button and display a shortcut menu for Control Panel and Windows Explorer among other options. You can also turn off or restart Windows from this menu (see image to the right).

Displays traditional desktop at start
Another new feature in Windows 8.1 is that the computer can be started with the traditional desktop right away instead of clicking around with your mouse or using the keyboard to bring up the traditional desktop as you had to do in the previous version of Windows 8. This is welcome news for many, especially for companies that are still using traditional Windows programs (Windows desktop applications).

Other news
Some other news in Windows 8.1 are:
– Improved support for SkyDrive
– Internet Explorer 11 included
– Improved support for security
– Extended support for VPN
– Improved and more flexible Home screen
– Support for 3D printers

The following YouTube video from Microsoft presents news on Windows 8.1:

More information
More information about the new features in Windows 8.1 can be found on these pages:
> Microsoft: What’s New in Windows 8.1
> Guardian: Windows 8.1 review: Microsoft’s fresh Start?

Download Windows 8.1 Preview
Right now it is possible to download a preview version of Windows 8.1:
> Download English version of Windows 8.1
> Download Swedish version of Windows 8.1

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