How to use SamLogic Image Resizer – Video

In this video, that is published on YouTube, you will get a short demonstration of how to use our image resizer / converter application SamLogic Image Resizer.

SamLogic Image Resizer is used to resize and convert images (for example photos) so they can be used in web sites, blogs, e-mail newsletters, and with applications. The tool makes images smaller in size, optimizes the images resolution (DPI) for best quality on screens, and can also convert CMYK color images to RGB color images.

Download SamLogic Image Resizer
SamLogic Image Resizer is installed together with our other software, but you can also download it separately from the following web page:

> Download SamLogic Image Resizer

It is free to use SamLogic Image Resizer. You can also distribute it to other users, if you think they will have use of the program.

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