An update of MultiMailer 2022 is now available

There is now an update of SamLogic MultiMailer 2022 available. The version number is 10.5.30, and some of the news and improvements in this version are:

– More secure encryption for data sent via clickable links.
– You can now turn off click statistics but keep open statistics.
– Improved handling of temporary soft bounces from anti-spam filter.
– Improved handling of bounces due to DMARC violations.
– Possible to export only selected data from the ‘Bounces’ tab.
– Increased support for ALT text tags.
– Easier to edit existing pictures and buttons in newsletters.

How to download the update
If you have MultiMailer 2022 and a 12 months maintenance plan or an active subscription on Media Tools, you can download the update of MultiMailer 2022 from the following download page:

> Download – MultiMailer 2022 – Latest update

If you have an older version of MultiMailer (before 2022) you can upgrade to the latest version of MultiMailer from this order page:

> Upgrade to MultiMailer 2022

Servers MultiMailer uses

ServerThe e-mail/newsletter delivery tool MultiMailer uses different servers for different purposes. Besides the e-mail delivery server (which is primary handled by Amazon SES) MultiMailer uses the following servers to handle different important functions in the tool:

>>   (handles registration forms)
>>   (handles response statistics)
>>   (opens web pages in a safe way)
>>   (opens web pages in a safe way)
>>   (handles e-mail bounces)

SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator has been updated

USB flash drivesSamLogic USB AutoRun Creator has been updated. It now supports Windows 11 and all binary files has been code signed with a 4096 bits digital certificate from Sectigo. This makes the product safer and prevents that anybody changes a binary file after distribution.

SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator can be bought as a standalone product. But is also included in the USB Menu Creator bundle. In the USB Menu Creator bundle there is also a tool for menu interface creation included. USB Menu Creator can be used to create autorun menus for USB flash drives and SD memory cards.

SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator is also included in the Media Tools and Development tools product suites.

See also
> Infographic: How does USB AutoRun Creator works?
> SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator – Overview (PDF)
> SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator – Product page

CD-Menu Creator 2022 has now been released

A new version of our menu designer tool CD-Menu Creator has now been released. The name of the new version is SamLogic CD-Menu Creator 2022, and some of the new features in the new version are:

• Supports the new Windows 11.
• All binary files has been code signed with a digital certificate from Sectigo.
• Alpha channel transparency for pictures (for example the logotype) is now supported.
• The glas effects for “glas buttons” are now much faster.
• Some social media icons have been modernized.
• Improved error handling.
• In the editor you can now customize the visual look of the editor more than before.

A more detailed list with the new features is available on this page.

MultiMailer 2022 has now been released

We have now released a new version of our e-mail / newsletter tool MultiMailer. The name of the new version is SamLogic MultiMailer 2022 and some new features in the new version are:

• Windows 11 is supported.
• Spell check of texts.
• Support for emojis.
• You can add clickable buttons to your email newsletters.
• You can add special title tags to your e-mails newsletters.
• Syntax control of e-mail addresses.
• Improved compatibility with Gmail och iPhone.
• Secure HTTPS links are now used to documents and newsletter copies.
• You can now create one unique unsubscribe list per newsletter or per sender.

More Information
A detailed list of the new features in MultiMailer 2022 is available on this web page.

Three versions of SamLogic MultiMailer

There are three versions available of MultiMailer 2022: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. Below we will describe what the differences are between the three versions of our email / newsletter application:

MultiMailer / Standard: Suited for those who send a few thousands newsletters per month and do not need statistics and analysis functions.

MultiMailer / Professional: Suited for those who send up to 50 000 newsletters per month and who needs powerful functions for statistics and analysis.

MultiMailer / Enterprise: Suited for those who send up to 500 000 newsletters per month and/or want to install MultiMailer on a server. Functions for statistics and analysis are included.

Prices and Order
If you want to see the prices of the different versions, or if you want to make an order, you can visit the following web page:
> Order – SamLogic MultiMailer

More information
> SamLogic MultiMailer 2022 – Features (Standard / Professional / Enterprise)

Visual Installer 2022 has now been released

We have now released a new version of our installation tool Visual Installer. The name of the new version is SamLogic Visual Installer 2022 and the version number is 12.0. Some new features in the new version are:

Windows 11• Supports the new Windows 11.
• Supports Visual Studio 2022 (Visual Basic 2022 + Visual C# 2022).
• Supports AutoCAD 2021 and 2022.
• If you install many shortcuts you can now choose which shortcut will be most featured.
• All binary files has been code signed with a digital certificate from Sectigo.
• New conditions in the script language than handles Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel.
• New script commands for uninstallation of shortcuts (will give you more flexibility).
• New file functions in the “File list” tab in Visual Installer’s editor.
• The installer displays more information to the end-user during the registration process.
• You can now specify a minimum size in pixels for your installation window.
• There is now an Enterprise version of Visual Installer available – with even more functions!

A detailed list of new features in Visual Installer 2022 is available on this web page.

SamLogic now uses a digital certificate from Sectigo for its software

Green lockCode signed binary files (for example .EXE and .DLL files) are very important to keep a high security level and prevent any attempts to tamper with the binary files after distribution. For that reason SamLogic has code signed its binary files for years now.

We have now updated our digital certificate to use a RSA key length of 4096 bits for the encryption of the certificate. Previous we used 2048 bits. Computers are getting faster and faster (this includes the computers that are used to crack encryptions) and to continue to keep a high security level, it is necessary to increase the key length with time.

Sectigo LogotypeStarting from today we will use an Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing certificate from Sectigo with a key length of 4096 bits for the RSA encryption of the digital certificate. We will use it to digital sign all binary files (.EXE/.DLL/.OCX files) that we release and distribute. In the new 2022 versions of our software, that we soon release, all binary files will be digitally signed with this new and more secure digital certificate.

More information about code signing and digital certificates
If you want to read more about code signing and digital certificates, we recommend the following articles and blog posts on our website:

> What is Code Signing / Digital Signature / Digital Certificate?
> Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing in Windows
> Visual Installer now supports EV code signing

Create / Install an AutoCAD profile from Visual Installer

CAD, computers and people

Visual Installer is a very flexible setup tool and has built-in support for installation of AutoCAD profiles for Autodesk AutoCAD. Visual Installer can create a named profile for AutoCAD directly in Windows Registry, and add the settings and values that you want to use with the AutoCAD profile directly from the installer. You can also update an installed profile afterwards, or uninstall an installed profile.

AutoCAD - LogotypeTo give you a great flexibility when creating or updating AutoCAD profiles, we have added some special variables to the Registry tab in Visual Installer. By using these special variables it is easy for you to install or update AutoCAD profiles. These variables can also be used to find folder locations and other information that is used by Autodesk AutoCAD.

Visual Installer can handle different versions of Autodesk AutoCAD, and we update the support for this well-known CAD software continuously. Both AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT, and both 64 bit and 32 bit versions of the software are supported.

For more information about Visual Installer’s AutoCAD support and the special variables mentioned above in this blog post, see the AutoCAD profiles section in Part VII in Visual Installer´s User Guide.