SamLogic now uses a digital certificate from Sectigo for its software

Green lockCode signed binary files (for example .EXE and .DLL files) are very important to keep a high security level and prevent any attempts to tamper with the binary files after distribution. For that reason SamLogic has code signed its binary files for years now.

We have now updated our digital certificate to use a RSA key length of 4096 bits for the encryption of the certificate. Previous we used 2048 bits. Computers are getting faster and faster (this includes the computers that are used to crack encryptions) and to continue to keep a high security level, it is necessary to increase the key length with time.

Sectigo LogotypeStarting from today we will use an Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing certificate from Sectigo with a key length of 4096 bits for the RSA encryption of the digital certificate. We will use it to digital sign all binary files (.EXE/.DLL/.OCX files) that we release and distribute. In the new 2022 versions of our software, that we soon release, all binary files will be digitally signed with this new and more secure digital certificate.

More information about code signing and digital certificates
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