If you need to quickly inform about the company’s actions regarding the coronavirus

If you quickly need to inform customers, suppliers and your employees, what measures the company has taken to deal with the coronavirus then e-mail is a very effective way. We have therefore decided that anyone who needs can get a free 3-month license of the SamLogic MultiMailer e-mail tool. More information about the tool is available at:
> https://www.samlogic.net/multimailer/multimailer.htm

Send an email to support@samlogic.com and we will email you the download link and a 3-month license key for SamLogic MultiMailer.

User’s Guide
This PDF contains information about the functions in MultiMailer:
> https://www.samlogic.net/multimailer/pdf/MM.pdf

On this website you will find tips & tricks for MultiMailer:
> https://www.samlogic.net/multimailer/tips/index-tips-tricks-multimailer.htm