CD-Menu Creator: How to use the Picture Gallery

We have added a new tip to the Tips & Tricks section of our web site. The tip explains how to use the Picture Gallery feature in SamLogic CD-Menu Creator.

The Picture Gallery is a special window that displays all images in a specified folder on a CD, DVD or USB flash drive. It can also be used to play videos.

Click here to read the tip. The tip assumes that you have SamLogic CD-Menu Creator 2014 or later installed in your computer. If not, you can download a trial version of CD-Menu Creator from this download page.

How to use SamLogic’s Windows applications on a Mac

We are often asked about if our programs are available in Mac versions. Even though we have no dedicated Mac versions of our programs, you can still easily use them on a Mac (Macintosh) computer. All you have to do is to install a virtualization software on your Mac that allows you to install and run Windows on it. With help of such virtualization software you can use our programs on a Mac just as you would do it on a PC with Windows. The virtualization software lets you run Windows and Mac OS X on your computer at the same time. This has several other advantages, such as allowing you to copy data between programs running on different operating systems.
SamLogic's Windows applications can also be used on a Mac
There are several available virtualization programs that you can use. Among the best ones are VMware Fusion, Parallels Desktop and Oracle VirtualBox.

Apple has developed its own product called Boot Camp that allows running Windows operating system on a Mac. However, Apple’s Boot Camp requires to reboot your computer when switching between Windows and Mac OS X which it is not very smooth. Boot Camp is included in Mac OS X version 10.5 and later.

To read more about Apple’s Boot Camp and how it is used, click here:
> Using Windows on Mac via Boot Camp

Half of all newsletters is opened on a mobile device

More and more people open their newsletters on mobile devices. According to a study done by Experian Marketing Services is half of all emails opened solely on a mobile device, compared to 23 percent for both email clients and web clients.

Important to use the right email software
This means that it is increasingly important to use a newsletter software that is designed for creating email newsletters that display properly on mobile devices. The MultiMailer 2013 email marketing software is designed for just that.

There is couple of things good to know about and consider when creating a newsletter that is to be read on mobile devices. In this article on our website we have compiled useful tips for you.

More information
> Experian Marketing Services study “Quarterly Email Benchmark Study Q2 2013” (PDF)
> Mobile Email – How to create a newsletter for a mobile phone and smart phone
> Responsive Email Design: One newsletter for a smartphone, tablet, laptop & desktop computer
> Android – The Rise to Success

The Picture Gallery in CD-Menu Creator

A powerful feature in CD-Menu Creator is the Picture Gallery, that displays all pictures in a folder on a CD/DVD or USB flash drive in a special window. The pictures are clickable and by clicking on a picture the picture will be shown in its original size in a separate window. It is also possible to make the picture gallery to open another file type instead of the picture when a user clicks on the picture; for example a movie.

Picture Gallery

We have added a new button command to CD-Menu Creator with the name Open Picture Gallery that can be used to open the picture gallery window.

New button command: Open Picture Gallery

By using this button command and by specifying a folder path, you can display all pictures in a specific folder on a CD, DVD or USB flash drive in the picture gallery window.

More information
> CD-Menu Creator – Picture Gallery

CD-Menu Creator 2014 has now been released

A new version of our menu designer tool SamLogic CD-Menu Creator has now been released. The name of the new version is SamLogic CD-Menu Creator 2014 and some of the new features in the new version are:

• Support for Microsoft Windows 8.1.
• Improved encryption functions.
• A picture gallery, that shows all pictures in a folder in a special window.

A more detailed list with the new features is available on this page. In coming blog posts we will describe the new features in CD-Menu Creator 2014 in more detail.