SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator has been updated

USB flash drivesSamLogic USB AutoRun Creator has been updated. It now supports Windows 11 and all binary files has been code signed with a 4096 bits digital certificate from Sectigo. This makes the product safer and prevents that anybody changes a binary file after distribution.

SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator can be bought as a standalone product. But is also included in the USB Menu Creator bundle. In the USB Menu Creator bundle there is also a tool for menu interface creation included. USB Menu Creator can be used to create autorun menus for USB flash drives and SD memory cards.

SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator is also included in the Media Tools and Development tools product suites.

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Word To HTML Converter

A common problem when copying formatted text from Word to a HTML editor or to an e-mail / newsletter editor is that a lot of Word / Office specific tags follows, which creates problem in the HTML. It can be problematic to get everything correct afterwards. A better idea is to filter out (remove) the Word / Office specific tags before the formatted text is inserted in the HTML.

We have a .NET class that does this work. It converts HTML received from Word to a clean HTML with a simple syntax that can be used in all kind of HTML editors. The class is written C# but can be used with other .NET programming languages also.

The class is system independent and can be used with .NET Framework 2.0 and later, .NET Core, .NET Standard and Xamarin. You can read more about the class on this web page:

> SamLogic Word To HTML Converter Class

USB AutoRun Creator can now handle SD memory cards

SD memory cardWe have now released version 2.0 of USB AutoRun Creator and the new version of the tool has been extended to also support SD memory cards (for example SDHC cards and a SDXC cards). So it is now possible to add AutoRun capabilities also to SD memory cards.

It works in a similar way as USB flash drives. When the user inserts the SD memory card into the card slot, a menu interface, a program or a document is opened automatically. Or if you prefer, a video starts playing automatically on the screen.

The same security system is used for SD memory cards as for USB flash drives, so only files distributed from you will be opened automatically. If somebody changes the contents after creation, nothing will happen.

Supports all Windows from Windows XP to Windows 8.1
The following operating systems are supported by the updated AutoRun function (that handles SD memory cards): Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

More information
More information is available on the following web page:
> USB AutoRun Creator – Add AutoRun to a SD Memory Card

SamLogic’s tools adapted to Windows 8.1

All of SamLogic’s programs, and other tools, are now adapted to the new Microsoft Windows 8.1. But the software also work fine with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and some other older operating systems. If you want more information about a specific product, you can click on a link below:

> CD-Menu Creator – AutoRun menu designer program.
> USB AutoRun Creator – AutoRun USB stick creator.
> Visual Installer – Installation software / setup tool.
> MultiMailer – Newsletter / e-mail marketing software.

Product suites / Bundles
> Media Tools – Program bundle with 5 tools.
> USB Menu Creator – Program bundle with 3 tools.

We have also tested our component libraries in Windows 8.1, and they are fully compatible. If you want to test a program you can visit the web page below:
> Download a Demo / Free Trial

ActiveX Component for Twitter

Twitter is a popular social networking and microblogging service on the Web that let users send and read short text-based messages (up to 140 characters), also known as a “tweets”. We have now created an ActiveX component (Active control) that can be used to send messages (tweets) directly from desktop applications.

URL shortener
We have also inluded a URL shortering function in the Twitter ActiveX. The function uses the Bitly service to shorten URLs, but it is also possible to the let Twitter shorten the URLs. Both systems are supported by the Twitter component.

More information
You can read more about the Twitter ActiveX component on this web page on our web site:
> SamLogic’s Twitter Component: SLTwitCtrl ActiveX Control

Other news: Also our desktop applications will support Twitter soon
We will also add support for Twitter in our other software. We will first add support to our e-mail marketing tool MultiMailer. You will soon be able to send tweets directly from the program. You can for example tweet about your latest newsletter that you just sent out, or currently is delivering! We will also add this functionality to Visual Installer, so you can tweet about new versions of your software directly from Visual Installer. Same function will be added to CD-Menu Creator.

More information about this new feature in our desktop applications will be coming soon.