USB Menu Creator can create menu interfaces for USB flash drive devices / USB sticks

USB Menu Creator - Creates AutoRun Menu Interfaces for USB Flash Drive Devices

SamLogic USB Menu Creator
With our USB Menu Creator product you can create an AutoRun menu interface for a USB flash drive / USB stick in an easy way. USB Menu Creator will add true AutoRun capabilities to your USB flash drive, which means that your created menu interface will be shown automatically on the screen when your USB stick is plugged into a USB port in a computer. It will work in a similar way as an AutoRun menu interface for a CD or DVD, but with the difference that the USB flash drive menu interface will be shown much faster.
Stunning menu interfaces can be created
With the menu designer tool that is included in USB Menu Creator you can design and create stunning menu interfaces for USB flash drives. On a menu interface you can place buttons, hyperlinks, hotspots, images, videos etc. Various effects, for example shadows, glass effects, 3D effects, can be used with the visual objects on a menu. Many different graphical button styles are available in the USB Menu Creator tool.
USB Menu Creator - Menu sampleSound effects
You can also add sound and music to your menu interfaces. For example, when a user moves the mouse pointer above a button, a sound effect can be played. You can also add a short intro music or sound effect that is played when the menu is opened the first time.
Can be used to run programs, open documents and play videos
From a menu interface the user can run a program, open a document, or play a video in an easy way. The menu interface can also be used to let the user start a setup program, play a Flash animation, open an Excel worksheet, open a PowerPoint presentation etc.
Play videos and Flash animations directly in the menu interface
Videos and Adobe Flash animations can be played directly in the menu interface. No external program is needed to show the video / animation. However, you can choose to use an external program instead (for example Windows Media Player or Adobe Flash Player) if you prefer that.
AutoRun for USB flash drive devices
Microsoft disabled the AutoRun function for USB flash drive devices a few years ago, but by using a tool that is included in USB Menu Creator you can enable AutoRun for USB flash drives again. Your menu interfaces will be shown automatically on your end-users’ screens when they plug your USB stick into their computer's USB ports. More information about the AutoRun method that we use is available on this page.
USB Menu Creator - A special bundle with 3 programsUSB Menu Creator - A special bundle with 3 programs
SamLogic USB Menu Creator is a special bundle that contains the following three programs:
n SamLogic CD-Menu Creator
n SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator
n SamLogic Image Resizer
By combining USB AutoRun Creator with CD-Menu Creator you will have an excellent tool for creation of USB menu interfaces for USB flash drive devices. The USB flash drives will also support AutoRun, thanks to the technology in USB AutoRun Creator.
If you sometimes want to create an AutoRun menu for a CD or DVD it is also possible with this tool. When you create a new project you can choose if you want to target a USB flash drive or a CD / DVD. And besides that, with just a few mouse clicks you can convert a USB flash drive project to a CD / DVD project. And vice versa.
The Image Resizer program is a tool that can be used to adapt images (for example photos) for use in menu interfaces. The Image Resizer program will give the images the right resolution and adjust the file size so the images are loaded fast in the menu interface.
System requirements
The programs that are included in USB Menu Creator can be run in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11, and Windows Server 2003 or later. Minimum screen resolution is 1280x768 pixels, free hard disk space 30 MB and mimimum RAM memory 512 MB.
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