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USB Menu Creator - How our AutoRun feature works

A few years ago Microsoft removed the AutoRun support for USB flash drive devices in Windows. The AutoRun function was first removed in Windows 7 (which you can read about in this article), and later it was also removed from Windows XP and Windows Vista via security updates. Although some Windows XP and Windows Vista computers still may support AutoRun for USB flash drives, the majority will not support this feature anymore. And Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11 does not support AutoRun for USB flash drives at all, just as Windows 7 does not.

Our solution
Microsoft removed the AutoRun function for security reasons. However, there are circumstances when AutoRun for USB flash drive devices may be very useful. That's why we "reinvented" AutoRun for USB sticks. But we are aware of that USB flash drives has been a security risk, so we made our solution very secure. These are the key points:
n The end-user must manually active the AutoRun function the first time. There is no risk that AutoRun suddenly works without his/her knowledge and acknowledgement. It is always up to the end-user to accept that AutoRun is enabled.
n If any important file that are involved in the AutoRun process has been changed after creation, the AutoRun will not work. This will prevent that malware hijacks the AutoRun process. We use a checksum method to ensure that no files can be altered without it is detected.
n The first program that is started on the USB flash drive is always a digitally signed program from SamLogic Software. Our AutoRun system doesn’t accept that any other program is run first for security reasons. But another program can be started as a second program, if the security criteria are met.
More information
More detailed information about our AutoRun solution is available in the product information pages/documents for USB AutoRun Creator (see links below). USB AutoRun Creator is the program that manages AutoRun for USB flash drives.
USB AutoRun Creator – Product information
USB AutoRun Creator – Overview (PDF)
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