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USB AutoRun Creator
SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator is a tool that gives AutoRun capabilities to your USB flash drives / USB sticks or SD memory cards. The AutoRun function will work in the same way as with a CD or DVD - your menu, program or document will open 100% automatically!
AutoRun for USB flash drives / USB sticks will now work again again if you use this toolAutoRun for a USB flash drive / USB stick will work again
Recently Microsoft stopped AutoRun from working with USB flash drives / USB sticks in Windows. With our software USB AutoRun Creator you can make it work again!
Use it
standalone or together with CD-Menu Creator
USB AutoRun Creator can be used standalone or together with our menu designer tool CD-Menu Creator. By installing USB AutoRun Creator on a computer that already has CD-Menu Creator installed you will extend CD-Menu Creator with new functionality that makes it possible to create AutoRun menus for USB flash drives. You can also use USB AutoRun Creator standalone if you for example have your own solution to create menu interfaces, or if you want to make a program or document on your USB flash drive run / open automatically.
How does it work?
The first time your customer inserts your USB stick into his/her computer's USB port they have the option to install a driver program that will co-operate with USB sticks distributed from you. The driver program allows a menu, or another program, to open automatically when your USB stick is inserted into the USB port. The USB stick will behave in same way as when a CD or DVD is inserted in a drive - full AutoRun technology will be used.
The end-user only needs to install the program once. Thereafter all USB flash drives that are distributed from you will be completely auto-starting and support full AutoRun. For security reasons only USB flash drive contents created via USB AutoRun Creator or CD-Menu Creator can be started automatically. Contents that have been created or placed on the drive in another way will be ignored.
Is it secure?
Microsoft removed the support of AutoRun for USB flash drives in Windows for security reasons (many viruses and malware was spread in this way). We took this into consideration when we designed USB AutoRun Creator. We wanted to create a system where the security level is unchanged - it must be as secure as before - but full AutoRun must be supported. This was achieved by following these two steps:
l The first program that is started on a USB flash drive is always a digitally signed program from us (SamLogic Software).
l If a second program need to be started, we check that it is the original program by using an advanced checksum method.
By using digitally signed programs and controlling checksums we ensure that the program files on the USB flash drive are the original files and that nothing has been changed since their creation. No program that have been replaced or altered will be started. And the security level can be increased even more by distributing write protected USB sticks. The stick will be read-only then.
When should I use USB AutoRun Creator?
If you distribute USB sticks that likely will be plugged in more than once in the same computer, using USB AutoRun Creator can be a good idea because the user don't need to open Windows Explorer every time he/she needs to access the contents of the USB flash drive. Also, if you are likely to distribute more than one USB stick to the same user, the following USB sticks will support full AutoRun when plugged in.
Small office version also available
A small office version of USB AutoRun Creator is also available. It is adapted for use in small offices / home. Read more.
SD memory cardCan also be used with SD memory cards
Besides USB flash drives, USB AutoRun Creator can also be used to add AutoRun functionality to SD memory cards (for example SDHC and SDXC cards) when they are used with computers that have Windows installed.
Examples of Uses
Some examples of uses for USB AutoRun Creator are distribution of: corporate and product presentations, large media-rich reports, vendor price lists, special customer information (e.g. personal health records), portable applications and software updates.
Download a free trial
You can test how SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator works by downloading a demo / trial version of the product:
Download a trial of USB AutoRun Creator !
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Infographic: How does USB AutoRun Creator works?
USB AutoRun Creator – Overview (PDF)

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