How to run a program with correct bitness (from Visual Installer)

Symbolic image: 32 / 64 bitAssume that you have 64 bit version of a program that you want to be run in 64 bit Windows and a 32 bit version of a the same program that you want to be run in 32 bit Windows only. How do you do that from Visual Installer?

That is easy. Use conditional script.

Below we show how the script lines may look like:

// Run only in 32 bit Windows
  RUN %DESTDIR\App32.exe
// Run only in 64 bit Windows
  RUN %DESTDIR\App64.exe

You can use the same method to run an external installation package with a specific bitness. For example a 32 bit installation package in 32 bit Windows only and a 64 bit installation package in 64 bit Windows only.

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