An update of MultiMailer 2022 is now available

There is now an update of SamLogic MultiMailer 2022 available. The version number is 10.5.30, and some of the news and improvements in this version are:

– More secure encryption for data sent via clickable links.
– You can now turn off click statistics but keep open statistics.
– Improved handling of temporary soft bounces from anti-spam filter.
– Improved handling of bounces due to DMARC violations.
– Possible to export only selected data from the ‘Bounces’ tab.
– Increased support for ALT text tags.
– Easier to edit existing pictures and buttons in newsletters.

How to download the update
If you have MultiMailer 2022 and a 12 months maintenance plan or an active subscription on Media Tools, you can download the update of MultiMailer 2022 from the following download page:

> Download – MultiMailer 2022 – Latest update

If you have an older version of MultiMailer (before 2022) you can upgrade to the latest version of MultiMailer from this order page:

> Upgrade to MultiMailer 2022

Tips for improving computer and network performance

Improving computer performance

Does your computer or Wi-Fi feels slow? Below are links to some informative tip articles that will help you to improve the performance of your computer and your Wi-Fi:


1.  10 tips to improve PC performance in Windows

Windows Central:
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3.  17 ways to speed up Windows 10

PC Mag:
4.  12 Simple Tips to Speed Up Windows

5.  Improve Your Wi-Fi Speed in 10 Simple Steps

6.  11 Ways to Upgrade Your Wi-Fi and Make Your Internet Faster

SamLogic – Top Lists 2022 – Most read articles / blog posts and most viewed videos

Below you can find top lists with SamLogic’s most read articles, tips, blog posts and newsletter issues, and most viewed videos, during 2022. Click on a link below to view the contents.

Top List: Most read articles
Here is a list with the 3 most read articles on our website during 2022:

🥇 1.  What is Code Signing / Digital Signature / Digital Certificate?
🥈 2.  Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing in Windows 10
🥉 3.  DKIM – How to add this to your domain

A list with all of our articles can be found on this web page.


Top List: Most read blog posts
Here is a list with the 3 most read blog posts during 2022:

🥇 1.  Visual Installer 2022 has now been released
🥈 2.  Infographic: How does USB AutoRun Creator works?
🥉 3.  CD-Menu Creator 2022 has now been released

To read more blog post on our blog, visit this page.


Top List: Most viewed videos
Here is a list with the 3 most viewed videos on our YouTube channel during 2022:

🥇 1.  Creating a setup package for a VB.NET application (Visual Installer)
🥈 2.  How to import a Visual Basic 6 project (Visual Installer)
🥉 3.  CD-Menu Creator – Tutorial – How to create a basic menu (CD-Menu Creator)

You can find more videos on our YouTube channel.


Top List: Most read tips
Here is a list with the 3 most read tips (for our software) during 2022:

🥇 1.  How to test if Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel is installed (Visual Installer)
🥈 2.  How to use a product gallery in MultiMailer (MultiMailer)
🥉 3.  How to use MultiMailer with a Google Gmail server (MultiMailer)

You can find links to more tips on this web page.


Top List: Most read newsletter issues
Here is a list with the 3 most read newsletter issues during 2022:

🥇 1.  Visual Installer 2022 and MultiMailer 2022 has now been released
🥈 2.  Visual Installer 2022 / Enterprise – New version with extra features
🥉 3.  Both Menu Creator 2022 and MultiMailer 2022 have a powerful gallery function

Links to all newsletter issues for 2022 can be found on this web page.

See also
> SamLogic’s Newsletter Issues in 2022

SamLogic’s Newsletter Issues in 2022

We have an international newsletter that is targeted for our international customers where we publish information and news related to our products and our company. We send the newsletter about 5-8 times/year. In the newsletter you can read about:

– Information about SamLogic Software’s products
– Tips and tricks for SamLogic Software’s programs
– Technical and non-technical articles
– Videos (tip videos and information videos etc.)
– Special offers

Below you can view all newsletter issues that we sent during 2022:

> 08/2022 – Create your own Christmas e-card with MultiMailer
> 07/2022 – Both Menu Creator 2022 and MultiMailer 2022 have a powerful gallery function
> 06/2022 – USB AutoRun Creator has been updated
> 05/2022 – New 2022 versions of SamLogic’s menu tools have now been release
> 04/2022 – Better support for Microsoft Access in Visual Installer 2022
> 03/2022 – Visual Installer 2022 / Enterprise – New version with extra features
> 02/2022 – Visual Installer 2022 and MultiMailer 2022 has now been released
> 01/2022 – Top Lists 2021 – Most read articles, read blog posts and viewed videos

Subscribe to our newsletter
If you want to subscribe to our newsletter you can visit the web page below:
> Subscribe to SamLogic Software’s newsletter

Servers MultiMailer uses

ServerThe e-mail/newsletter delivery tool MultiMailer uses different servers for different purposes. Besides the e-mail delivery server (which is primary handled by Amazon SES) MultiMailer uses the following servers to handle different important functions in the tool:

>>   (handles registration forms)
>>   (handles response statistics)
>>   (opens web pages in a safe way)
>>   (opens web pages in a safe way)
>>   (handles e-mail bounces)

Create your own Christmas e-card with MultiMailer

MultiMailerChristmas is fast approaching and it’s time to send Christmas cards to friends, acquaintances, customers and other contacts. With the e-mail newsletter tool MultiMailer, you can both create your own Christmas e-cards and send them easily as e-mails. You can create your Christmas e-card either by using ready-to use e-card templates/examples or by using MultiMailer’s built-in visual e-card wizard.

Ready-to-use templates
Below is some examples of templates that can be used for your own Christmas e-cards:

Template 1
Template 1

Template 2
Template 2

Template 3
Template 3

The e-cards can be personalized. You can for example include the receiver’s personal name and company name, and other unique information, in the e-card text.

You can open a Christmas e-card template by choosing the menu option Help – Open Example in MultiMailer and choosing a HTML file that starts with “Christmas Card” in the filename.

How to know how many contacts that opens a newsletter

When you send a newsletter, it is always useful to know how many have opened the newsletter. This is a way to see if the newsletter reach the receivers inboxes or if it is filtered out by spam filters. You can also compare the open rate between mailings and see which newsletter that has been the most popular.

In our newsletter tool MultiMailer you can obtain open rate statistics for each unique mailing. You can also get information about how many contacts have clicked on links in the newsletter.

MultiMailer - Open rate

We have published a tip on our website that explain how to get this information:

> How to see the number of contacts who opened a newsletter

How to use a product gallery in MultiMailer

In this blog post we informed how to insert and update a table in a newsletter in MultiMailer. There is another function available in MultiMailer that reminds of the table function, but is much more powerful. It is the Product Gallery function.

Product Gallery in MultiMailer

With the Product Gallery function you can create a database with products, images, hyperlinks, prices, buttons mm. And you can insert this information whereever you want in your newsletter. It is also easy to update a product gallery afterwards. You can easily add and remove articles, or update images, texts and links etc.

We have published a tip on our website that shows how to create, insert and edit a Product Gallery in a newsletter:

> How to insert a product gallery in a newsletter

How to insert and edit a table in MultiMailer

Our e-mail/newsletter application MultiMailer can be used to create and send all kind of emails and newsletters. MultiMailer have many powerful built-in functions and one such a function is the table function in MultiMailer. With the table function in MultiMailer it is easy to insert, edit and format tables in e-mails/newsletters.

We have published detailed tip pages on our website that show how to use MultiMailer to insert a table in a newsletter and how you change the look and properties for the table after it has been created (for example if you want to extend the table with more rows and columns, or change colors, text alignment etc.)

Table in MultiMailer

Click on the links below to open the tips pages:

> How to insert a table in MultiMailer
> How to edit a table in MultiMailer
> How to change width for a column in a table

Visual Installer 2022 / Enterprise supports batch files & build servers

In the Enterprise version of Visual Installer 2022 it is possible to build a setup package without any interaction with a graphical user interface. The build process is invisible, and you use command line parameters and switches to handle the build operations. And errors that occur (if there are any) are returned via a log file that contain detailed error descriptions and error codes etc.

Build servers
The silent build processes via command line parameters / switches makes it easy to call Visual Installer from build servers. A build server is useful if you work in a team and your team want to, for example, compile applications or build setup packages in one operation.

Batch files
You can also utilize this function from local batch files (for example from traditional .BAT files). You can add one line of code for each setup package that you want to build, in the batch file. For example:

VI.exe C:\MyProjects\ /BUILD /BUILDFOLDER:C:\MyCreatedSetups\Setup1

More information
In the following tip on our website you can read how to use this function in Visual Installer:

> Tip: Visual Installer’s command line parameters