How to run a program after an installation

Sometimes there is a need to start a program immediately after the installation. This is possible with our installation tool Visual Installer.

If the program that you want to run is included in the installation project’s file list, you can follow the steps below:

1. Select the program file in the installation project’s file list.

File list

2. Right click over the selection.

3. Choose the Run this program after installation menu item in the local menu that appear.

4. The dialog box below is now shown:

Run program after installation

5. Confirm that the file path (at Filename) is ok.

6. If you need to send a parameter to the program, enter it at Parameters.

7. Check the other settings. Change if you need.

8. Click on OK.

Now the program file that you selected in the steps above will be run when the installation is completed. It will be run after the last dialog box in the installation is closed.

You can open the Run program after installation dialog box (that is shown at step 4 above) also by choosing the menu item Run program after installation in Visual Installer´s Special menu. The same dialog box will be shown. But there is one difference; if you open the dialog box this way, the file path at Filename will not pre-filled. You need to enter it manually.

The program that you want to run after the installation does not need to exist in the file list. But if you want to run a program outside your setup package, you need to be careful and make sure that it exists at the specified location.

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