MultiMailer 2022 has now been released

We have now released a new version of our e-mail / newsletter tool MultiMailer. The name of the new version is SamLogic MultiMailer 2022 and some new features in the new version are:

• Windows 11 is supported.
• Spell check of texts.
• Support for emojis.
• You can add clickable buttons to your email newsletters.
• You can add special title tags to your e-mails newsletters.
• Syntax control of e-mail addresses.
• Improved compatibility with Gmail och iPhone.
• Secure HTTPS links are now used to documents and newsletter copies.
• You can now create one unique unsubscribe list per newsletter or per sender.

More Information
A detailed list of the new features in MultiMailer 2022 is available on this web page.

Three versions of SamLogic MultiMailer

There are three versions available of MultiMailer 2022: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. Below we will describe what the differences are between the three versions of our email / newsletter application:

MultiMailer / Standard: Suited for those who send a few thousands newsletters per month and do not need statistics and analysis functions.

MultiMailer / Professional: Suited for those who send up to 50 000 newsletters per month and who needs powerful functions for statistics and analysis.

MultiMailer / Enterprise: Suited for those who send up to 500 000 newsletters per month and/or want to install MultiMailer on a server. Functions for statistics and analysis are included.

Prices and Order
If you want to see the prices of the different versions, or if you want to make an order, you can visit the following web page:
> Order – SamLogic MultiMailer

More information
> SamLogic MultiMailer 2022 – Features (Standard / Professional / Enterprise)

Visual Installer 2022 has now been released

We have now released a new version of our installation tool Visual Installer. The name of the new version is SamLogic Visual Installer 2022 and the version number is 12.0. Some new features in the new version are:

Windows 11• Supports the new Windows 11.
• Supports Visual Studio 2022 (Visual Basic 2022 + Visual C# 2022).
• Supports AutoCAD 2021 and 2022.
• If you install many shortcuts you can now choose which shortcut will be most featured.
• All binary files has been code signed with a digital certificate from Sectigo.
• New conditions in the script language than handles Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel.
• New script commands for uninstallation of shortcuts (will give you more flexibility).
• New file functions in the “File list” tab in Visual Installer’s editor.
• The installer displays more information to the end-user during the registration process.
• You can now specify a minimum size in pixels for your installation window.
• There is now an Enterprise version of Visual Installer available – with even more functions!

A detailed list of new features in Visual Installer 2022 is available on this web page.

There is now an Enterprise version of Visual Installer available

EnterpriseStarting with Visual Installer 2022, there is now an Enterprise version of the installation tool available. The Enterprise version of Visual Installer contains some extra functions that are not included in the Professional and Standard versions. Below are some examples:

– a diagnostic tool (info)
– an extra information tab in the editor for easier access to documentation & updates (info)
– the possibility to change default settings for new projects (info)
– support for batch files & build servers
– a special system utility tool: SamLogic Selector

More information and a comparison with the other versions of Visual Installer is available on the Features page.

You can now choose which shortcut to feature in the Start menu

If you add more than one shortcut to the Start menu in Windows during an installation, and one of the shortcuts is used to open your main application and the other shortcuts are used to open extra tools (when needed), you can now let Visual Installer inform Windows which of the shortcuts that opens your main application.

The shortcut to the main application will be more visible in the Start menu and the other shortcuts will be toned down. By using this new function in Visual Installer you will also eliminate the risk that wrong program is featured in the Start menu. This is a risk if you let Windows itself decide which program(s) that are the most important in your installation. Sometimes Windows makes a wrong guess here.

This is a new function in Visual Installer 2022 and is located in the Program group / menu dialog box in Visual Installer’s editor. A combobox with a list of all program files with shortcuts in the current installation project will be available in the dialog box. From the combobox you can choose which program is your installation’s main program. See the picture below for an example:

The 'Program Group' dialog box

The picture above shows the settings in the installation project for installation of our product MultiMailer 2022. The program file MultMail.exe has been selected as the installation’s main program. The other program files are tools that are seldom used, but they will be in the Start menu in a program group folder, and used when needed.

This new function is especially useful in Windows 11, where recently added shortcuts are featured in an extra clear way. For an example, see below:

Windows 11 Start menu - With MultiMailer

The example above shows how MultiMailer 2022 is featured in the Start menu in Windows 11. The other shortcuts in the installation project are not visible here. Instead they are visible if you click on the All apps button (in the upper right) and opens the program group folder (named SamLogic MultiMailer).

This function will also be useful in older Windows. Recently added shortcuts are featured also there, but in a different way compared with Windows 11.

Visual Installer now display filenames for files being registered during an installation

The installer in Visual Installer now displays the filename of every file that is registered during the registration process. If you have many files in your file list that need to be registered it may take some time in some computers, especially in slow computers, but by displaying the filenames one by one, the user can see that the installation still proceeds.

Registration process

This is a new feature in Visual Installer 2022 and can be turned on and off for each installation project. If you want to turn this function off for a project, you can do it by choosing the Setup options menu item in the Special menu, and clicking on the Various tab and then removing the check mark from the Display filenames for files that are registered checkbox.

As default this option is automatically turned on for your projects.

How to test if Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel is installed

Logotypes - Access and ExcelIn this blog post we described how to check if Microsoft Office is installed in a computer during an installation. But what if Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint is installed, but not Microsoft Access, which is what you want? How to handle this situation in Visual Installer?

In the new Visual Installer 2022 the answer is to use a new script condition that we have added to the script language. The name of the new script condition is IF ACCESS_INSTALLED and with this script condition you can check if Microsoft Access specifically has been installed in the computer. So instead of trying to use the Microsoft Office condition check (as described in the earlier blog post) you can use the new Microsoft Access condition check instead.

Below we show two examples of how to use the new condition:

// Example 1 – Tests if Microsoft Access is installed in the system
  RUN %DESTDIR\InstallAccessTools.exe
// Example 2 – Tests if Microsoft Access is not installed in the system
  MSGBOX “Information”, “Microsoft Access is not installed in this computer!”, 2

You can also test if Microsoft Excel has been installed or not in the same way. Below we show two examples of how to use the Excel condition:

// Example 1 – Tests if Microsoft Excel is installed in the system
  RUN %DESTDIR\InstallExcelTools.exe
// Example 2 – Tests if Microsoft Excel is not installed in the system
  MSGBOX “Information”, “Microsoft Excel is not installed in this computer!”, 2

It is also useful to know if the user has installed a 32 bit or 64 bit version of the Office program. But here you can use the same condition in Visual Installer’s script language as before (see the second half of this blog post for details).

SamLogic’s Newsletter Issues in 2021

We have an international newsletter that is targeted for our international customers where we publish information and news related to our products and our company. We send the newsletter about 5-7 times/year. In the newsletter you can read about:

– Information about SamLogic Software’s products
– Tips and tricks for SamLogic Software’s programs
– Technical and non-technical articles
– Videos (tip videos and information videos etc.)
– Special offers

Below you can view all newsletter issues that we sent during 2021:

> 05/2021 – FAQ about folders in Visual Installer
> 04/2021 – Button tips for our menu creator tools & a FAQ about titles in Visual Installer
> 03/2021 – Visual Installer can install AutoCAD profiles
> 02/2021 – How to use Visual Installer together with Access
> 01/2021 – Top Lists 2020 – Most read articles, read blog posts and viewed videos

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If you want to subscribe to our newsletter you can visit the web page below:
> Subscribe to SamLogic Software’s newsletter

SamLogic now uses a digital certificate from Sectigo for its software

Green lockCode signed binary files (for example .EXE and .DLL files) are very important to keep a high security level and prevent any attempts to tamper with the binary files after distribution. For that reason SamLogic has code signed its binary files for years now.

We have now updated our digital certificate to use a RSA key length of 4096 bits for the encryption of the certificate. Previous we used 2048 bits. Computers are getting faster and faster (this includes the computers that are used to crack encryptions) and to continue to keep a high security level, it is necessary to increase the key length with time.

Sectigo LogotypeStarting from today we will use an Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing certificate from Sectigo with a key length of 4096 bits for the RSA encryption of the digital certificate. We will use it to digital sign all binary files (.EXE/.DLL/.OCX files) that we release and distribute. In the new 2022 versions of our software, that we soon release, all binary files will be digitally signed with this new and more secure digital certificate.

More information about code signing and digital certificates
If you want to read more about code signing and digital certificates, we recommend the following articles and blog posts on our website:

> What is Code Signing / Digital Signature / Digital Certificate?
> Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing in Windows
> Visual Installer now supports EV code signing