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In this newsletter you can read about our Media Tools / Enterprise suite, which contain Enterprise versions of Visual Installer and MultiMailer, plus some other tools; for example tools for menu interface creation and autorun discs/drives.

In this newsletter you can also read about the build server / batch file support in Visual Installer / Enterprise.
Anders Persson
SamLogic Software
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Visual InstallerThe Enterprise version of the Visual Installer installation tool contains some extra functions that are not included in the Professional and Standard versions. For example:

● A diagnostic tool
● An information tab in the editor for easier access to docs etc
● Possibility to change default settings for new projects
● Support for batch files & build servers
● A special system utility tool: SamLogic Selector

More information and a comparison with the other versions of Visual Installer is available on the following web page:

SamLogic Visual Installer - Features


MultiMailerThe Enterprise version of the MultiMailer e-mail tool contains some extra features/functions that are not included in the Professional and Standard versions. For example:

● Faster e-mail delivery by using parallell connections
● Can be installed on a network and shared by users
● Can be installed on a virtual computer and shared by users
● Can be used on a Mac (by using virtualization software)
● Can co-operate with Microsoft Exchange and similiar servers
● General support for encrypted SSL / TLS communication
● Possibility to change field names for default fields in mailing lists
● Possibility to unsubscribe from specific newsletters

More information and a comparison with the other versions of MultiMailer is available on the following web page:

SamLogic MultiMailer - Features


Menu interfaces

Menu CreatorUSB Menu Creator is a tool that can be used to create autorun menu interfaces for USB sticks. In USB Menu Creator is also the CD Menu Creator tool included, which can be used to create menu interfaces for CDs and DVDs. You can read more about USB Menu Creator on this page:

Click here to read more about USB Menu Creator


SamLogic Media Tools / Enterprise

SamLogic Media Tools / Enterprise is a new product suite for developers, marketers and informers. 1 year technical support & updates are included for all software in the suite. It contains the latest versions of many of our tools, for example:

- SamLogic MultiMailer / Enterprise ($189)
- SamLogic Visual Installer / Enterprise ($189)
- SamLogic USB / CD Menu Creator ($139 / $79)
- SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator ($99)

More information is available here:

Read more about SamLogic Media Tools

Special Introductory Price
For a limited time you can buy 3 licenses of Media Tools / Enterprise to a special introductory price: $199.

Click here to order SamLogic Media Tools / Enterprise

The introductory price is valid until July 31st. Normal price is $289 and the total value of the software is $605.


EnterpriseIn the Enterprise version of Visual Installer it is possible to build a setup package without any interaction with a graphical user interface. The build process is invisible, and you use command line parameters and switches to handle the build operations. And errors that occur (if there are any) are returned via a log file containing detailed error messages.
The silent build process via cmd line parameters / switches makes it easy to call Visual Installer from build servers. A build server is useful if you work in a team and your team want to, for example, compile applications or build setup packages in one operation.

More information about command line parameters / switches in Visual Installer / Enterprise is available in this tip:

Tip: Visual Installer's command line parameters


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Visual Installer

SamLogic Visual Installer - Product package
Order the latest version of our installation tool. Price from 119 dollar.
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SamLogic MultiMailer - Product package

Order the latest version of our e-mail tool. Price from 99 dollar.
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Media Tools

You can also order the latest Media Tools suite (where the 2 tools above are included).
Price from 149 dollar:
Order here
Development Tools

If you prefer components before MultiMailer you can order Development Tools instead. Price: 199 dollar.


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