SamLogic MultiMailer 2022 - Features

SamLogic MultiMailer is a versatile newsletter tool that can be used to handle many different tasks. Below is some of the program's features listed. You can also see the difference between the Standard, Professional and Enterprise version of SamLogic MultiMailer in the table below.
  Standard Professional Enterprise
A newsletter wizard that creates HTML newsletter templates fast & easily
Built-in word processor like editor that can handle both HTML and text based messages
Advanced HTML letters with images, sound, columns, page header etc. can be created
Personalized letters can be created with data from databases and CRM systems
Attachments (for example PDF documents) can be included with each e-mail
Support for social media as Facebook, Twitter and Google+
Different groups of receivers can easily be selected before sending
Duplicates can be found and automatically removed
Block lists prevent from sending to those who no longer want to receive your messages
Data can be imported/exported from e-mail programs and CRM programs
Data can be imported directly from Microsoft Excel
Sending can start at a predefined date and time
Pause handling is included to prevent overloading of e-mail servers or networks
Resend function for repeated mailing to e-mail addresses with temporary errors
Detailed log files can be created
Automatic handling of e-mail bounces (due to invalid e-mail addresses etc.) -
Automatic handling of subscribe and unsubscribe requests -
Newsletters can be published (uploaded) automatically on the web -
Can import e-mail addresses and contact information directly from Microsoft Outlook -
Can import data from other databases (such as Oracle, MySQL etc) using ODBC -
Advanced statistics and analysis of campaigns, for example info about opens and clicks -
Different sender profiles can be used; easy to switch between them -
Registration data from web forms can be imported -
Can be installed on a network and shared by many users - -
Can be installed on a virtual computer / virtual OS and shared by many users - -
Can co-operate with internal e-mail servers in a network, e.g. Microsoft Exchange - -
General support for encrypted SSL / TLS communication with e-mail servers - -
Number of contacts (and e-mail addresses) for each mailing list: 1,000 50,000 500,000
Number of mailing lists that can be handled: Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
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