Import from other databases via ODBC

The Professional version of SamLogic MultiMailer supports ODBC so you can import contact information (email addresses, names etc.) directly from other databases and CRM systems to MultiMailer's mailing list. MultiMailer reads data directly from the database through an ODBC connection so no export / import file needs to be created. Data can be imported from many sources, including:

- Microsoft Access
- Microsoft Excel
- Microsoft SQL Server
- Oracle databases

ODBC is very fast
ODBC is a very fast way to import data, so if you need to import a huge amount of data this is the preferable way to import the information.

ODBC is an ISO standard
ODBC is a well-tested system, and is also an ISO standard that almost all software that handles data supports. ODBC can also be using to import data from Microsoft Excel sheets, although MultiMailer supports direct import from Microsoft Excel files also.
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