Default settings for new installation projects

Icon - Default project settingsDialog box - Project Default SettingsIn Visual Installer / Enterprise you can set your own default settings for new installation projects. If Visual Installer's default settings does not fit you, you can set other default settings instead that fit you better. The new default settings will be used when you create new installation projects.

Some examples of default settings that you can change and specify are: minimum operating system version, minimum .NET version, installation interface language, dialog box color, dialog box style, settings for digital certificates (code sign certificates).
A new tab in the Editor Options dialog box
We have added a new tab to the Editor Options dialog box. The name of the tab is Project Defaults and if you open this tab you can turn on and off this functionality, and set your own project defaults.

To set your own default settings you can click on the Change default settings button in the Project Defaults tab, and thereafter set your new project defaults in the Project Default Settings dialog box that is shown (the picture to the right shows a part of this dialog box).

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