SamLogic Visual Installer - Features

Whether you need to create a simple installation or an advanced installation so is SamLogic Visual Installer the tool for you. The setup tool is very flexible and versatile. Below are some of the features in Visual Installer listed. You can also see the differences between the Standard version, the Professional version and the Enterprise version of Visual Installer below:
  Standard Professional Enterprise
Can create setup packages for CDs, DVDs, USB flash drives and for the Internet
Created installation packages can be run in Windows 98 to Windows 11
Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows
Can create a single executable installation file (only one file needs to be distributed)
Can create localized installations (you can specify your own texts in any language)
Supports silent installations (installations with no user interaction)
Can code sign (digitally sign) a created setup package
Files can be grouped into components and the user can choose which components to install
Can add shortcuts (icons) to the Start menu and to the desktop in Windows
Can handle updates
Can add keys and values to Windows Registry
Can register ActiveX components, DLL files, EXE files and fonts
Installations can be protected with license keys or passwords
Can import Visual Basic project files and install Visual Basic applications (VB6 and VB.NET)
Can import Visual C# project files and install Visual C# applications
Supports Microsoft .NET Framework
Supports DAO, ADO and RDO
Can install templates and add-ins for Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Can create and handle AutoCAD profiles
Can show images and animations, and play music during an installation
An installation can be simulated before it is actually created
A setup package can be uploaded to a webserver automatically after creation
A comprehensive user's guide is included
A scripting language can be used to handle advanced installations -
A project manager is included to manage installation projects -
Can install 64-bit applications -
Can co-operate with MSI installation packages -
Can create multiple levels of menus (with shortcuts) in Windows -
Can install and register .NET assemblies -
Can handle prime number based license keys -
Can send messages (tweets) to Twitter -
You can set default settings for new installation projects - -
A diagnostic tool is included that can be used for installation related troubleshooting etc. - -
A special system utility tool, SamLogic Selector, is included - -
Supports creation of setup packages via batch files & can be used with build servers - -
Easier access to documentation, tips, articles and updates etc. directly from the editor - -
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