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To [$Namn],

It is soon Christmas and if you need to send Christmas cards via e-mail, take a look on the e-card article below in this newsletter.

In this newsletter we have also included a tip that shows how to increase the font size for tip text in CD/USB Menu Creator. And you can also read about another useful function/tool that we have included in the Enterprise version of Visual Installer.

We have also special Christmas prices on some of our products. See the column to the right for current prices.
Anders Persson
SamLogic Software


Logotype MultiMailerChristmas is fast approaching and it’s time to send Christmas cards to friends, acquaintances, customers and other contacts - if you have not done it yet. With the e-mail / newsletter tool MultiMailer you can send your Christmas cards via e-mail. In MultiMailer you can also design your own Christmas e-cards directly in the editor.
Christmas E-card

You can create your Christmas e-card either by using ready-to use e-card templates/examples or by using MultiMailer’s built-in visual e-card wizard. Read more in this blog post:

Create your own Christmas e-card with MultiMailer


Logotype CD-Menu CreatorDo you need larger font size for the tip text for buttons in CD-Menu Creator or USB Menu Creator? This is possible.
If you add one of these two prefix before the text in the tip text, you will have larger font size for the tip text:

[L]  : increase the font height with 25%
[XL] : increase the font height with 50%

For example, to increase the font size with 25%, enter the [L] prefix before the text:

[L] This is a tip text.

You can add and edit tip text via the Add Button and Edit Button dialog boxes in the CD-Menu Creator and USB Menu Creator:
Add Button


EnterpriseStarting with Visual Installer 2022, there is now an Enterprise version of the installation tool available. The Enterprise version of Visual Installer contains some extra functions and tools that are not included in the Professional and Standard versions. For example:

SamLogic Selector
If you have different versions of an application optimized for different versions of the operating system or country/language, you can use the SamLogic Selector tool to start the correct version of your application.
SamLogic Selector
In the SamLogic Selector tool you can link different versions of the operating system, country and language to different versions of your executable files.

More information about Visual Installer 2022 / Enterprise
You can read more about the Enterprise version of Visual Installer in this blog post:

There is now an Enterprise version of Visual Installer available

You can now buy some of our products to a special Christmas price. See the column to the right for current Christmas prices!

If you have any question on our products or about our Christmas campaign, you can send us an e-mail:

 Christmas decoration
MultiMailer 2022 / Professional


SamLogic MultiMailer - Product package

Normal price is 189 dollar. Now only 95 dollar.
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Visual Installer 2022 / Enterprise


SamLogic Visual Installer - Product package

Normal price is 229 dollar. Now only 115 dollar.
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USB Menu Creator 2022


SamLogic USB-Menu Creator - Product package

Normal price is 139 dollar. Now only 69 dollar.
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Media Tools 2022 / Professional

Normal price is 199 dollar. Now only 99 dollar.
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