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 Examples of newsletters
Below are some examples of newsletter issues that we have sent before. Click on a link to open up a specific issue of the newsletter.
 SamLogic CD-Menu Creator
4 special newsletter issues about SamLogic CD-Menu Creator:

Why create a menu interface for a CD, DVD or USB stick?
#2 Design menu buttons that make impression
#3 How to add social media (like Facebook) to a menu
#4 Where to find free images and icons for your menu interface
 SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator
2 special newsletter issues about SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator:

USB AutoRun Creator - The comeback of AutoRun for USB flash drives
#2 Two versions of USB AutoRun Creator - What is the difference?
 SamLogic Visual Installer
5 special newsletter issues about SamLogic Visual Installer:

Visual Installer - A powerful and easy-to-use setup tool
#2 The setup wizard in Visual Installer
#3 Visual Installer will give a good first impression of your application
#4 Code signing of a setup package / installation of a VB application & Excel Add-In
#5 64 bit installations and localized installations
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