Tip: How to insert a product gallery in a newsletter

It is common to want to present several different articles (products) in a newsletter. Which articles you want to present can also change between different newsletters. To handle this in a flexible and uniform way, there is a function called Product Gallery in MultiMailer.

With the Product Gallery function, you can create a database of articles, containing images, texts, hyperlinks, prices, etc., and then you can insert this information at any point in the newsletter. You can also easily update the information afterwards.

In the tips below, we show how you can use this function.
To insert a product gallery in a newsletter:
1. Start MultiMailer.

2. Create a new newsletter or open an existing one.

3. Place the cursor at the place in the newsletter where you want the product gallery.

4. Select the menu item Insert - Product Gallery. The dialog box shown below should now appear:

Product Gallery dialog box (1)

5. Click the Add Item button to add your first product.

6. The dialog box shown below should now appear:

Add Item dialogbox (1)

7. Enter a title/name for the product at Title.

8. Enter a short description of the product at Text.

9. If you want to include a price, enter it at Price. Otherwise, leave the field blank.

10. Select (browse for) a product picture by pressing the "..." button to the right of Picture.
Alternatively, you can enter a web address to a picture on the internet.

11. At URL, enter a web address to a web page that provides more information about the product.

12. Review the information you have entered. Is everything OK?

Add Item dialogbox (2)

13. If you are satisfied, click the Add Item button to add the item to the product gallery.

14. Now click on the Add Item button in the Product Gallery dialog box again to add more articles.

15. When you have entered the articles you want, you can specify how many columns you want to use for the product gallery by specifying a number at No. of columns.

16. At Picture width, you can enter a desired width in pixels for the product images.

17. Now the product gallery content has been created!

Product Gallery dialog box (2)

18. Now click the Insert Product Gallery button to insert the product galleri into the newsletter.

19. The image below shows how it may look like when a product gallery is inserted into a newsletter:

MultiMailer - With product gallery

If you want to update a product gallery that has been inserted into a newsletter, place the cursor in the middle of the product gallery and select the menu item Insert - Product Gallery again. In this way you can edit the contents of a product gallery.
More information on how to use the Product Gallery feature in MultiMailer can be found in the program's help documentation. After opening the Product Gallery dialog box, press F1 to open the appropriate help section.
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